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Our E-Board Rocks: Meet Kate!

In this summer’s People Who Rock series, we’re getting to know the faces behind The Rock—our editorial board! This week, it’s our Chief Content Coordinator, Kate!

She’s our fearless leader, one of our most frequent contributors, and this year’s face of The Rock at Boston College: Kate Lewis! Kate is a senior ready to take on the world in her last year on the Heights—let’s get to know her a bit, and learn about the mark she has left on our publication and our school.


How and when did you get involved with the Rock?

The Rock first caught my eye sometime during fall of my sophomore year—I remember they were doing a series on the Beatles’ best albums at the time and I thought that was awesome. At the time, I had just left the cast of Hello…Shovelhead! and I was keeping a personal blog as an outlet, but I knew I wanted something more. During finals, they tweeted something about looking for writers and I got in touch with Ian [Thomas Malone ’13], our founder and chief emeritus. My first article went up on January 9, 2013, and the rest is history.

You’re not only Queen Bee, but this year, our Chief Content Coordinator. What are you most excited to bring to the table in this new role?

kate2One of the things that drew me to The Rock in the first place was its youth—we were founded in 2011 and we’ve done so much growing in the past few years thanks to Ian and Meagan [McCarthy ’14], the most recent chief. What I’m most excited for this year is to see how our new expanded editorial board works out—having seven of us with various responsibilities should make things interesting. I’m also really excited to take on a mentorship role with our new writers and freshmen. I owe everything to the “big kids” who guided my way here at BC—hopefully they know who they are—and I have a lot of paying it forward to do.

As a senior, what’s something about BC that you wish you had known sooner? Is there any advice you would give your freshman self?

I’d say my number one advice, for anyone, in any situation, is to be yourself. I tell everyone that my life changed dramatically and for the better when I stopped worrying about what everyone else thought. BC, or really any peer-to-peer environment, can make you believe that people’s opinions of you are make or break. At the end of the day, you’ve spent too much money and worked too hard to get here to waste that opportunity on pleasing others. As Jess Yoon ’13 said in her iconic BC Fashion Police article—still our most-read article of all time—“do [what is true to] you.” On another note, I’d say don’t be afraid to change course, even when you think it’s too late. I used to be the kind of person who was really set in her ways, and I still am, to an extent—but I’m a bit more open to possibilities. It’s never too late to make up your mind or try something new, or meet a new friend or change your mind about someone. These four years go by fast, and wasting any of that time on dissatisfaction is just going to hurt you in the end.

Some important distinctions…

Honey Q or New England Classic? New England Classic, though I have to be in a really specific mood to actually get one. Hillside is great, especially for people-watching, but I’m more of an Eagle’s Nest girl—in fact, my last meal before I went abroad last year was a Tuscan Chicken courtesy of Chris Kabacinski’s meal plan.

Million Dollar Stairs or Maloney elevator? To be totally honest, I took the stairs approximately once last year. I will fight anyone who gets in between me and the Campanellavators. Now that I’m living in Ruby maybe I’ll take the stairs once in a while…

Bapst or O’Neill? I very rarely visit the libraries—they’re really more like a punishment for me when I procrastinate too hard and have to make myself focus—but if I have to choose one, it’s gotta be O’Neill. It gets the job done.

Finally, as you prepare for your last year at BC, what’s on the bucket list?

kate1Off the top of my head: getting tossed at a football game (I’ve done it every year so far, even though I was abroad for most of last season—can’t break the streak), shotgunning a beer with my dad at tailgates, going to a Chorale concert, road tripping to all or most of the hockey games next year, auditioning for a play in the theatre department, visiting my old room (Fenwick 201, I’m coming for ya babe), and generally having the greatest year ever. I’ve already made it to the top of Gasson, though—I’d tell you how I did it, but then I’d have to kill you.

Stay tuned for more editorial board profiles as the summer goes on!

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