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First Thoughts on the First Year

Writing this three weeks into the semester, it’s funny to think about how scared, frustrated, and anxious I was during my first week at BC. I didn’t have friends, I was trying to get used to the food at Mac, and I was terrified that the emotions I felt during Welcome Week would become my freshman year experience. Don’t get me wrong–I never had a moment where I wished I’d chosen a place other than BC.

BC has everything I want in a university: prestige, opportunity, and an outgoing and successful student body. I figured that my problem was a college problem, not a BC problem. But amidst the beautiful buildings and thriving educational and extracurricular life on campus, I was severely struggling to accept the change I signed up for when I made my $500 deposit in May. IIMG_2666’ve lived in Los Angeles my entire life so I was definitely overwhelmed when I saw Vineyard Vines, J.Crew, and Lilly Pulitzer everywhere I looked. Where was my Mexican food? Where are my pot-smoking hipsters that I’ve come to know and laugh at back home?

My first two weeks of being at BC were miserable because I felt completely ostracized from the rest of my peers. I felt like I was expected to change: to start finding guys in salmon colored shorts and shirts with a little blue whales attractive, to want to rage every weekend, to be the most outgoing and extroverted version of myself possible. Welcome Week was a time where I could only think of home and how much I wanted to go back.

My life improved drastically once classes started. The task of making friends wasn’t so daunting anymore and it was at a level where even my introverted self could make an effort. At the same time, I started joining clubs and organizations where I met people who were interested in what I was interested in. I realized that the students here are actually really different and there is no one stereotypical “BC student,” although others probably disagree.

Gone are the days of trying to make friends while walking in packs around campus on Friday and Saturday nights. Now I am so happy to have an actual group of friends that are hilarious and awesome, to have classes that actually make me think about the things I’m learning about, and to be running around from meeting to meeting participating in things that I sincerely enjoy.

I can pinpoint the moment where I legitimately realized how awesome college actually is and why people keep telling me it’s the best time of my life. As the entire student body stormed the field at Alumni during the BC v. USC game last Saturday I knew I was in one of the most awesome places in the world with some of the most amazing people. And although I do get homesick now and then (especially now that it’s 65 degrees a.k.a. winter in California) I am so happy that I have four more years to explore BC. I know that it is only going to get better from here.


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