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Making Waves with BC Splash

BC Splash is a branch of an organization called Education For Students By Students, and if you haven’t heard of the club before, this article should bring some light to its awesomeness.

DSC_0084The main goal of Splash is to motivate and inspire high school students to see a greater value in education than a simple grade or accolade. Splash places high school students in an engaging learning environment, giving them insight into just how interesting a new subject can be. These subjects range from math, chemistry, the humanities, and history to dance, photography, intro to college life, and beyond. Two standout classes from last year were Hunger Games as a Cultural Artifact and Twist Statistics, but the subject covered can be anything the undergraduate Splash teacher wants to teach.

And Splash doesn’t solely benefit the high school students! The undergrad teachers not only have a very small time commitment for Splash, but they also get to be thrust into an engaging teaching environment where they can teach what they’re passionate about. Last year, there were almost 130 undergrad Splash teachers at BC’s event, in addition to several Splash Volunteers and Leaders. This year, Splash is still looking for great people, and teacher registration for Splash doesn’t close until October 3rd.

DSC_0102Roughly 600 high school students signed up to attend a Splash class last year, and 500 were in attendance. BC Splash welcomes all newcomers, and hopes that those interested will apply. This opportunity will allow Splash teachers to teach their passion to a receptive audience of students who chose to come to class, while also forming relationships with high school students that look up to them.

In the end, the question should be: Why NOT do Splash? It’s a minimum 2-hour commitment (1 hour class prep, 1 hour class) and it’s a great way to share a passion with others, making education a fun experience for high school students who either seek to get a feel for college life and the college experience, or who are simply seeing if it’s an option. Interested? You can register here!

The BC Splash teacher registration deadline is Friday, October 3rd. BC Splash will take place on Sunday, November 16th, so be sure that you can attend BEFORE you sign up! 

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