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“SNL” Returns For 40th Season: Premiere Highlights

snl1Saturday Night Live is finally back for its 40th season. While the show has certainly changed since the coke-filled days of “The Not Ready for Primetime Players,” its wit and ridiculousness has stayed the same. The season opener was no different, as Chris Pratt delivered a strong performance in his first hosting gig. Now we here at The Rock understand that not every college student has time for SNL with the various debaucheries happening on Saturday night, so we’re here to key you in on the sketches that you’re gonna want to see. So without further ado, here’s the best sketches from this week’s show:

Bad Boys


This was by far the best sketch of the night, as Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett deliver a hilariously weird sequel to their first 90’s television parody, “Wing,” which somehow never made it on air. The overly dramatic crowd reactions, aggressive transition music, and completely random scene changes capture the essence of the family sitcoms that that taught us how to live.



I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t pay to watch at least half of those movies. No matter how irrelevant the main characters, Marvel’s movies still somehow manage to make a gazillion dollars. Why did I even go see Guardians of the Galaxy again? Oh yeah, because I’m Marvel’s bitch and whatever they say goes.

Weekend Update

HUGE changes at the Update desk this season. Aside from the fancy new backdrop, Colin Jost has a new co-host in Michael Che, a very funny standup comedian and longtime writer for SNL. And although he stumbled a little bit at the beginning due to some first-time jitters, he seemed confident and comfortable by the last segment. The headlines were nothing special; a little too wordy, if you ask me. Cecily Strong made an appearance as The Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With at a Party and Leslie Jones gave her thoughts on single life, which were good for a few laughs here and there.


The best part of Update and of maybe the entire show was the emergence of the new 20-year-old comedian Pete Davidson, who gave his take on the age-old debate of whether one should go down on a dude for money. Simply put, he killed it. He reminds me of a Brooklyn version of Andy Samberg (or maybe it’s just because of his teeth). Either way he was hilarious and I can’t wait to see what he can do the rest of the season.

Booty Rap


In today’s world where timeless hits like “Whistle” and “Anaconda” set the standards of what to look for in a significant other, Aidy Bryant and Chris Pratt skip the small talk and get down to rapping about what really matters: SEX. Why waste time learning about completely irrelevant details about a person, such as their interests, their family, or their name when all you really care about is that big fat ass?

NFL Intros


This was the second, and stronger of the two NFL sketches of the night. It has the same format as the Key and Peele East/West College Bowl videos but instead of the players having crazy names, they list the crimes they committed. It’s funny because sadly, it’s kinda true. My personal favorite was “loitering with intent to murder.”

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