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Music That Rocks: Spooky Tunes for Halloween

The Rock at Boston College is celebrating the spookiest day of the year in a big way by generating new content every day in our first-ever “HalloWeek”. The Rock is proud to present this special Halloween edition of Music That Rocks as an installment in our holiday special.  


“Miasma Sky” – Baths

Every song by Baths has an ominous and mysterious feel to it. With raspy vocals and whispering children fading in and out of the background, I’d say a his songs would thoroughly creep you out a bit. As an Alternative Electronic artist, Baths produces intoxicating beats that play with our sense of hearing and keep us listening to make sure we finally understand what the hell it is he’s saying. The eerie themes and dark imagery are definitely appropriate for any Halloween playlist this year. -Christian Petro ‘15

“Ghost/Haunted” – Beyoncé

The title of this lesser known classic from Beyonce’s latest album is very fitting for this week. Beyonce (queen) starts off really intense with “Ghost.” Most of the song is a speaking dialogue denouncing the monotony of everyday life for most people working 9 to 5. The smooth transition with some killer ‘yonce vocals marks the beginning of “Haunted.” The song picks up the bass again with some lyrics that are mildly uncomfortable, but also sexy at the same time, something only Beyonce can achieve. If there is such a thing as a dark bass, “Ghost/Haunted” has just that. While not a very frightening song, Beyonce’s voice does sound rather haunting in an impassioned manner. – Edward Byrne ‘18

“The Monster Mash” – Bobby Pickett

Any Halloween music list wouldn’t be complete without this banger. I mean it pretty much epitomizes everything that Halloween stands for: ghosts, monsters, mashing. What more could you ask for? If you go out this weekend and don’t listen to this song you failed Halloween and probably dressed as a toilet paper mummy at some point in your life. – Alex Ricciardelli ‘18

“The Werewolf” – Figure

This song is just one of Figure’s many creepy dubstep remixes (yeah, some of them get a little weird–scratch that, most of them get really weird). Figure takes sounds bites from old horror movies and mixes them together with eerie and intense dubstep beats to create some of the creepiest EDM music you could ever play at a Halloween-themed rave. He recently released his newest album, Monsters Volume 5, which joins his four other Monsters volumes and 4 other albums (yes, this dude created 9 albums–all horror themed). All these are available on Soundcloud. I know dubstep may be old-fashioned seeing as it was popular 2 years ago, but I figure there is no better time to resurrect the dead then Halloween. – Sean Healy ‘18

“Making Christmas” – Rise Against

Now, I’m sure you’re a little confused as to why “Making Christmas” is on a list of Halloween music. The whole thought behind this song, and the album that it came off of, Nightmare Revisited, is to bring up the music from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. The song that I chose is by Rise Against, and is pretty much in the mold of all Rise Against songs. A fast tempo, a lot of amazing guitar riffs, and Dave Grohl’s voice working its magic. I don’t listen to it all that often, but once Halloween comes around, this song and the whole Nightmare Revisited album are a must. – Joey Dorion ‘17

“I Put A Spell On You” – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

This song is probably most famous for its appearance in the ‘90s Halloween classic, Hocus Pocus–and no offense to the Sanderson sisters, but this version has to be my favorite. This rare recording appeared in an episode of the second season of American Horror Story as a clue for the next season’s theme (which was about witches–how appropriate). This rendition’s slowed-down, jazzy sound gives it an ominous-yet-sexy feel, perfect for any Halloween bash. – Kate Lewis ‘15

“Chandelier” – Sia

Although this song has been out for awhile, watching the music video is a must! It will either confuse or amaze you and probably force you to interpret the song differently the next time you hear it on its own. Sia’s vocal talent is extraordinary, with her range of notes and belts throughout the song. You could also take a hint from Jim Carrey on SNL last weekend and dress up as the dance in the video for Halloween. – Michelle Castro ‘18

“Wannabe” – Spice Girls

This is totally the epitome of Halloween music; what is scarier than someone telling you, “Yo, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want,” and then not being clear at all with what they want?  Nothing.  Plus have you seen the music video, I know it was the 90’s but geez I don’t remember fashion being that awful.  If you really want to be scared, just do this song on Just Dance; sober or drunk there is no way that you won’t have nightmares about it days later.  Did we ever figure out what “zigazig ah” even means?? -Jake Maestas ‘16

“Spooky Mormon Hell Dream” – Andrew Rannells & the cast of The Book of Mormon

I do literally nothing to hide the fact that I am a giant musical theatre fan/nerd/devotee, so it seems only appropriate that I suggest you listen to “Spooky Mormon Hell Dream” this weekend.  Led by Andrew Rannells (Elijah on Girls, for all you non-musical theatre geeks), the company of the hit Broadway musical The Book of Mormon details a Mormon missionary’s nightmarish fall from grace.  Combining hilarious lyrics with music that is ominous yet melodic yet hard rock too, the song is both wickedly funny as well as great to listen to. – Chris Pinto ‘16

“Out of the Woods” – Taylor Swift

She’s baaaaaack! Yeah, this album is not the Taylor Swift you thought you knew. This girl is a little less boy-crazy, a little more jaded, and with a whole different sound. Swift publicly declared 1989 her first pop album, a move she seems to have been edging towards with the release of Red two years ago. “Out of the Woods” is stadium-style anthemic, with sweeping background vocals and a heartbeat drum line. And hey, if you get lost in some haunted forest this Halloween, maybe this will help get you out. – Melissa Warten ‘16

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