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The Rock Staff Presents: Take This Course!

Course registration can be a stressful time of year. The odds are almost never in your favor with the randomly assigned pick times, classes are filling up left and right, and to top it all off, you have to use software that went obsolete before you were born. But registration can also be an exciting time–a time to stalk rosters for next year and put together a perfect schedule, and a time to reminisce on the positives of our academic experience. Here at the Rock, we have compiled a list of our favorite courses and professors at BC. Still looking for an elective for next semester? Look no further!


“Ashley Duggan, a professor in the Comm department, is probably the coolest professor I have ever had the opportunity to meet. She is extremely charismatic and friendly, and knows how to make a class engaging and interesting. Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 12.03.31 PMShe also has the perfect method of putting notes on the projector screen and discussing them so that you maximize your note taking potential (I’m looking at you, every professor that flashes the notes across the screen for .5 seconds). I have her for Research Methods this semester, and let’s be real, the name of that class doesn’t exactly inspire excitement. Yet thanks to her it is my absolute favorite class. She isn’t teaching it next semester, but I highly doubt any class she teaches would be anything less than phenomenal. I 100% recommend taking any class with Prof Duggan.” – Saidhbhe Berry ‘17

“So I’m just going to be extremely forthcoming and admit that I am a huge history nerd. It’s my major, I used to get huge history books for Christmas as a kid, and I would find it fun to read ahead in the book that we got in elementary and high school. If you’re not a huge history nerd like I am, you should still definitely look into taking Devin Pendas and his WWII class. The class is a lecture, but there’s lots of discussion that occurs during class. Plus there isn’t an actual discussion that you have to sign up for, but rather you blog about the readings every two weeks. There is a midterm, and then two 5-page papers that count as the final. It also is a double whammy since it fulfills the social science core, as well as the history core (double check on the history core). Professor Pendas is a really interesting guy, and he is incredibly knowledgeable about the subject. He provides various insights about the causes of the war, the war itself, and the post war world. He is by far one of my new favorite professors at BC.” – Joey Dorion ‘17

“Even if you aren’t an English major, I seriously recommend taking Studies in Poetry with Professor Tanner. The class is entirely discussion based, so it allows you to let your mind wander and think critically about poetry, even if that isn’t your strong suit.  Professor Tanner is so brilliant and absolutely adorable, which helps her to keep the class engaged. The class is one semester, only has four papers, a midterm which is meant to boost your grade, and no final. It’s such an enjoyable way to get yourself English credits and get some experience with understanding tricky poetry in a relaxed environment. I guarantee Professor Tanner will make an impact on not only your writing/literary analysis capabilities, but also on your life.” – Alexa Kilroy ‘18

“I was going to take this time to plug for my thesis advisor, Tom Kaplan-Maxfield, and his amazing Creative Non-Fiction writing workshop, but it’s not running next semester, so instead, I’m going to talk about the Creative Writing Concentration. If you’re an English major who loves writing, you need to know about this. The requirements are all laid out on the English department website, so I’ll skip the logistics and just talk about how great it is. 1358367079300We meet 3-4 times a semester to talk about writing opportunities, hear original works, and most importantly, eat food and schmooze with other writers. I’ve been a part of the conc since my sophomore year, and it’s an awesome, under-utilized program–it’d be awesome to see it rejuvenated by some enthusiastic student writers.” – Kate Lewis ‘15

“Who doesn’t love Shakespeare? Well I’m sure plenty of people don’t actually…. BUT Professor Nasser Behnegar’s Shakespeare’s Politics is fantastic. We started by reading Machiavelli and Plutarch, to get a more historical idea of the facts that many of the Shakespeare plays use. The workload isn’t crazy difficult–there was rarely actual homework, aside from reading Shakespeare plays. Professor Behnegar does a fantastic job of making the material accessible and easily understandable: he makes you want to come to class, he points out all the dirty jokes Shakespeare threw into the plays, and is possibly the most likable professor I have had at BC. On a tangent: I am taking Professor Behnegar’s Realism and Idealism class next semester mainly because I love his teaching style.” – Jake Maestas ’16

“Know your strengths. I’m not a math-oriented person in the slightest, but not recognizing this I convinced myself I would be fine in Calculus as well as Statistics. I ended up doing poorly in both of these classes and proceeded to change my major from Economics (which I really didn’t know much about) to English. With a new mindset choosing classes is much easier. Don’t base it off of what you should be taking, base it off of what you want to learn. The classes you’re most interested in will be the easiest to excel at. For English majors I suggest taking professor Paul Lewis. His classes involve the history of Boston as well as famous Boston writers of the past. He is also very helpful with non-fiction writing, so if you need to fulfill the English core, I suggest having him.” – Christian Petro ‘15

“During my brief stint as a Comm major – which wasn’t really brief, it was the first 50% of my time at BC, I just call it brief so that I can pretend I have more time here – I took an elective called Media in Culture and Society, taught by Brett Ingram who was, at the time, a brand new professor at BC.  The class itself is probably the most interesting one I’ve taken so far, you basically talk about a few different media theorists and apply their thoughts to our present media (I got to write a Marxist analysis of Swamp People, the best reality show centered around Louisiana alligator hunting) which may sound boring but was so worth getting up at 8am for. Plus, as a bonus, Brett is an amazing person; he’s one of the coolest and most honest professors I’ve ever had, and I tell everybody I know to take one of his classes. So take one of his classes.” – Chris Pinto ‘16

1361993015192“TAKE PERSPECTIVES. I cannot stress this enough. In fact, I’ve probably already written it somewhere in the Rock archives. Did you know that there are four Perspectives classes at BC? Each is full year + double credit: Perspectives I deals with Western philosophy, Perspectives II with the modernist movement and its art, Perspectives III with social science and economics, and Perspectives IV with the history of scientific development. If you’re so inclined to take all four classes (as I am), you can even declare a Perspectives major. The professors are outstanding, the subjects are fascinating, and your soul will be saved. What more could you ask for?” – Melissa Warten ‘16

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