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The Rock Staff Celebrates Turkeyday 2014

The Rock at Boston College is celebrating a big food baby this Thanksgiving by reminiscing on our greatest Thanksgiving memories.  We hope your relatives haven’t asked why you are still single too much, but for your distraction, Thanksgiving memories from our Staff.

“Like most Italian-American families, Thanksgiving for me is so much more than simply being thankful for what you have. Oh no. Thanksgiving is the Super Bowl of eating, during which my grandma makes every Italian dish known to man and expects us to eat all of it. All of it. Anything less and you’re considered a disappointment and a disgrace to your family. And it’s not like you have a chance to fast leading up to it because we have dinner at my grandma’s the day that acts as a scrimmage before the real thing. You’re just kind of expected to be able to hang. It can be intimidating if you’re a rookie, like my 1 year old cousin last year, who would unknowingly have pieces of turkey shoved in her half open mouth when she wasn’t looking. However, as an 18-year veteran of the game, it’s easily one of my favorite holidays and I can’t wait. Especially after feasting on a steady stream of Mac’s finest cardboard and rice for the past 3 months.” – Alex Ricciardelli ‘18

“In the past few years my family’s Thanksgiving celebrations have been rather crowded. Be it my close friends I brought because they could not travel home for the holiday or my sibling’s and parent’s friends at the dinner table. There were always people outside of my immediate family who would join us. I’m thankful for the times we’ve had with others, but I seldom see my family in its entirely without other people around. I’m glad this year it will be just the Petro family, small as it is. I don’t see there being too many times in the future where we will be so close together, but the intimacy is what makes it so much better. It doesn’t matter how many siblings you have, If your grandparents could join you, or if you have any relatives at all. It matters that you can be thankful for the people sitting next to you in that moment. Those moments will pass but the memory will remain.” – Christian Petro ‘15

“Thanksgiving this year is both a blessing and a curse; I am staying in Boston this year, not going home.  It’s a good thing because I get to avoid all of the nosy relatives asking about why I am still single (apparently there is a litany of reasons), but most importantly, I don’t have to offend anyone by not eating their food.  I am possibly the pickiest eater on the planet.  It has been over a decade since I’ve eaten a veggie and don’t plan on starting anytime soon.  This year I no longer need to say “Oh no thank you I am full” after eating about three and a half bites of food I didn’t enjoy.  However, I DON’T GET TO EAT MY MOM’S MASHED POTATOES AND GRAVY and that is a travesty in-and-of itself, my immediate family has a running joke that my mom’s gravy is so dry that the gravy has to be the greatest thing you have ever tasted.” – Jake Maestas ‘16

“A brief list of things I’m thankful for this year: caffeinated beverages, the fact that all BC printers are on the same network and I don’t have to specifically print to the CTRC printers anymore, having an excuse not to go to my high school Thanksgiving football game, nights when the fire alarm goes off in Iggy and not in Ruby, yoga pants, the ease at which one can hide an illegal foam mattress pad, dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets and the social acceptability of eating them even though I’m not eight years old, and–though I wish it were more–having one semester left here. Happy T-Gives y’all, hope you have a good one.” – Kate Lewis ‘15

“Every year, on Thanksgiving day, each person in my fills out a small slip of paper with something they’re thankful for. Someone places them all in a jar, and then after family dinner all of the slips are read out loud to the family during dessert. The author always remains unknown. It’s a really special experience each year, because it’s the perfect time to say thank you for something when you might not have known how to before. It’s also a great time to remind the people you love why they’re so special to you.” -Alexa Kilroy ‘18

“Unlike the rest of my siblings, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love food, and everything related to it. Thanksgiving for me is the act of people gathering together and sharing laughs, memories and great food and drink. However, I might ruin most of that because I am the slowest eater on the planet, according to most people in my house. For example, last year it took me about 30 minutes to eat one chocolate truffle – and my siblings will mock me for that for the rest of my life. I also enjoy peeling chestnuts because while the peelings get stuck under my nails sometimes and I go through fifty or more chestnuts, in the end it’s worth it because the stuffing is more delicious and textured. Another reason I like Thanksgiving is that there’s a great sense of ‘coming home’ back to where I came from, and I really appreciate that. It is not something I think about often, but it is in the back of my mind sometimes. Finally while I am a Patriots fan, I always seem to watch the Cowboys after deliriously waking up from a nap. I did not choose to watch the Cowboys, but I could not find the clicker.” – Kyle Donohue ‘17

“Thanksgiving is my favorite of school breaks. Sure, Spring Break can be super fun traveling to Miami or wherever with friends, but Thanksgiving is the time when you can just completely veg out. You’re expected to just eat and eat and eat wonderful food and desserts and spend time with either your family or someone else’s family, and everyone is all smiles and content bellies full of potatoes and turkey. It’s just a great time to relax and reflect on the past year without the pressure of having to buy gifts for everyone like Christmas time.” – Danielle Dybbro ‘15

From the Rock at BC: enjoy your food babies, and have a happy Thanksgiving

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