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Laughing All The Way: The Best of SNL’s Holiday Sketches

This year, The Rock at Boston College is doing the season of joy in a big way by generating new content every day in our second annual “25 Days of Christmas”. The Rock is proud to present this installment in our holiday special.


With the season of Christmas comes the season of tradition. Whether it be drinking eggnog, drinking hot cocoa, or maybe just drinking in general (I don’t judge), we all have our special habits and rituals we to do bring us together in a time of celebration. For me, one of my favorite pastimes is simply sitting on the couch with my family watching as many holiday specials as humanly possible. And of course, you can’t spell specials without SNL! Lol just kidding you can, but that’s beside the point.

Every year, the SNL Christmas special is always one of the highlights of the season. There’s a unique energy in the air and the writers step up big time before their winter break. It doesn’t hurt that they’ve had terrific hosts the past few years, including Martin Short, Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake, along with an abundance of cameos. Now, since there was no SNL last Saturday to review, let’s take a look at ten of the most memorable holiday sketches throughout the years.

D*ck in a Box

dicks in boxes

Yeah, that’s right. We’re starting off this list with a bang. Right in your face. This timeless classic launched the Lonely Island comedy troupe into the big time. And remember, you can talk all you want about how dumb or vulgar the song is but just remember: they won an Emmy for this song. Let that sink in for a minute.

Schweddy Balls


I think I’m starting to see a trend here. This is one of the most iconic SNL holiday sketches and for good reason. The writing is simply brilliant, squeezing every possible joke out of the double entendre. The ridiculousness of the joke is elevated even further thanks to the contrast of the most boring setting imaginable: the NPR radio station.

Baby it’s Cold Outside

its cold outside

This is a much-needed change of pace from the first couple of sketches, which may be part of why I like it so much. Jimmy Fallon and Cecily Strong’s duet is sweet and good-natured at heart: a form of comedy that can sometimes be hard to find. It really captures the spirit of Christmas, and the holiday season in general.

Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood

mr robinson

Eddie Murphy was one of the best cast members that SNL ever had. He was terrific at every character he played, with Mr. Robinson being one of his most famous. It’s a shame that he has such a horrible grudge with SNL now because I have no doubt he would be a terrific host.

Hanukkah Song


I think it’s safe to say that Adam Sandler’s song is one of the biggest contributions to Judaism, right up there with the Torah and potato latkes. I mean, you can only sing the Dreidel Song so many times until you lose your mind. People may say a lot of bad things about Adam Sandler (and I do), but in this case you gotta tip your cap to him in respect.

Two A-Holes Buying a Christmas Tree


Jason Sudeikis’s a-hole is sneakily my favorite character that he played on the show. His entire demeanor fits the character’s douchebag persona so well. Everything he says is hilarious, as he tries to advocate for his babe. This sketch pretty much sums up everything that Christmas shouldn’t be, which is why its so entertaining to watch.

What Up With That?

what up with that

This is one of those times where the cast members’ energy carries the entire sketch. I could go my entire life without experiencing the pure jubilation that Jason Sudeikis has when he’s dancing in his red track suit. Yeah, the whole thing is kind of a mess, but the music and excitement just makes you wanna get up and dance. And any time we get to see Tiny Tim breakdancing is always a plus.

Drunk Uncle

drunk uncle

This was Drunk Uncle’s first appearance as he rambled about the injustices of Christmas and the problems of the modern age. He’s like a prophet spewing wisdom, only fatter and drunker. Why aren’t there ever any fat prophets? It doesn’t seem fair if you ask me.

Michael Buble Christmas Duets

xmas duets

Where would this list be if we didn’t include the king of Christmas music? Buble remakes his Christmas album, this time featuring all our favorite singers. From Taylor Swift, to Justin Bieber, the cast does every one of their impressions to perfection. And the cool thing about this sketch is every time you watch it you can appreciate a different singer depending on your changing taste in music.

Steve Martin’s Christmas Wish

holiday wish

Last but not least, we have one of the greatest comedians of all time delivering what he so humbly dubs “the greatest sketch in the history of SNL.” And while I may not go that far, it’s certainly one of the most timeless holiday sketches the show has produced. Martin’s delivery and timing is just perfect and really drives home a message that we can all get behind.

Happy holidays everyone! We’ll be back next week to recap next week’s SNL, featuring James Franco as host and Nicki Minaj as musical guest.

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