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The Rock Staff Presents: All We Want For Christmas Is…

This year, The Rock at Boston College is doing the season of joy in a big way by generating new content every day in our second annual “25 Days of Christmas”. The Rock is proud to present this installment in our holiday special.


Here at the Rock, we believe you’re never to old to believe in Santa Claus–especially when you’re a college kid in severe need of a Christmas miracle. The end of the semester has all of us sending up some wishes to the big man up at the North Pole, whether it’s for good grades, a little extra meal plan money, or for the nefarious BC laundry machines to stop stealing our socks (seriously–what’s up with that?). So what’s on our staff’s grown-up Christmas list this year? Read on to find out!

11190_10100431701428687_1504318410_n“Santa Baby, please let me and my friends get an eight-man in Walsh or Vandy next year. I’d also love more clean clothes and a sense of urgency to do my laundry. And a puppy. And ca$h. Love, Eddie.” – Edward Byrne ‘18

“Dear Santa, please sign me up for an Amazon monthly subscription of Annie’s gluten free Mac n Cheese. Also, I wouldn’t complain if you turned all of the raindrops here in Boston into snowflakes.” – Alexa Kilroy ‘18

“Santa, I know you’re a busy man so I don’t wanna bog you down with gift ideas. All I really want for Christmas this year is love, respect, and a heated toilet seat. Oh, and if you could get Taylor Swift to put all her songs back on Spotify that’d be clutch.” – Alex Ricciardelli ‘18

“All I want for Christmas this year is my health and happiness… For real, though, this cough needs to go, Santa, and I know you’ve got some magic up your sleeve!” – Saidhbhe Berry ‘17

“Dear Santa, please allow me to have a car on campus, give me clutch sleeping and cleaning powers, and the ability to speed-read. Also, the ability to pause and manipulate time – nothing big, really.” – download (1)Kyle Donohue ‘17

“This Christmas, I want Santa to forgive all of my student loans. We all know SallieMae won’t.” – Jack Donovan ‘17

“Dear Mr. Kringle, please allow me to finally figure out why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch. If that’s not possible, some socks and a golden retriever will do just fine. And a car, maybe some tuition money. You know, the basics.” – Joey Dorion ‘17

“Hey Kris, let’s cut to the chase: Last year I asked for a Tony Award, and it didn’t happen, so here’s your chance to redeem yourself: I’ll take it for Best Featured Actor in a Musical, Best Play, or Best Musical, you can pick; in fairness I haven’t written a play or musical yet, but it will happen.  I also need unlimited pizza, literally whenever I even think I want a pizza it appears.  And, as always, warm socks.  Make it work, Santa.” – Chris Pinto ‘16

“This Christmas, I would ask Santa for: a couple giant sweaters, tickets to see the 1975 and John Mayer (oh, they’re not touring? irrelevant), and a definitive date for me to return to Spain in the future.” – Melissa Warten ‘16

“This makes me sound super basic but I really would like a new pair of Uggs. I know they’re so middle school but they’re super comfy! Also, the current (and only) pair I own is nearing 6 years old, so it’s time for the once-Chestnut Uggs to retire.dumbledore-quote They’re mad expensive, though, so it’d be cool if I could get them as a gift. Thanks Santa!” – Danielle Dybbro ‘15

“This year has already been full of miracles, proving that BC truly is the gift that keeps on giving. I am blessed to have so many special gifts here: wonderful friends, a challenging yet fulfilling course load, and of course, New England Classics every Tuesday (I’m sorry I ever doubted the deliciousness of cranberry bread). I suppose all I can ask for this Christmas is that the good times keep rolling. And I might also like some socks. The Ruby laundry room keeps eating mine and my feet are awfully cold.” – Kate Lewis ‘15

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