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The Rock Staff Celebrates A New Semester

With a new year and a new semester comes new goals and resolutions. As the academic year begins anew at BC, the staff of The Rock would like to share their advice and resolutions with you!  

kofe-chashka-zerna-blyudce-belyy“I’ve never been a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. I can never remember them and even if I could, I’d probably just get upset over how little progress I’ve made towards my goal. I don’t even know what I ate for breakfast, let alone what lofty, unattainable goal 2014 Alex made last January. So no more. This year, I’m breaking it up into month resolutions. More months equals more goals which equals more chances to succeed. Why would you shoot one arrow from far away when you could just shoot a bunch of little ones up close? Doesn’t make much sense if you think about it. For Month 1 we’re starting off simple: learn how to like coffee, then we’ll go from there.” – Alex Ricciardelli ‘18

“I realize that everyone is probably writing a funny resolution to share, but my real resolution this year is to dress well. When my outfit rocks, I rock. I feel so much more confident and ready to power through my day. If my outfit is put together, I feel put together. So I’m going to do that. I’m also planning to eat more popcorn and not be ashamed to admit that sometimes I wear American Girl perfume.” – Alexa Kilroy ‘18

“I’m really good at making my New Year’s resolution not making a New Year’s resolution every year, but I thought I’d try to come up with something I could possibly work on as the year progresses. I’m trying to lose control this year. By that I mean letting go of the things I can’t control. Oh, the weather has been snowy, sunny, overcast, rainy, sleety, and the temperature has fluctuated between -20 and 75 just this week? I guess that’s life. I got a shitty grade back on a paper I tried to write in two hours? Can’t change anything about it now. That guy wasn’t interested in a second date? On to the next one. My goal isn’t to become apathetic or passive, I just don’t want to force anything to go my way. I’m trusting everything will eventually work itself out this year.” – Edward Byrne ‘18

“I have an awful track record with New Year’s resolutions (historically I’ve attempted to stop biting my nails and live a healthier lifestyle, neither of which I have anything to show for), so I admittedly haven’t really bothered over the years. But this year I decided I wanted to make a commitment to my own happiness. So, in spite of all the haters saying that resolutions should be as specific as possible, I’m keeping things simple, and just vowing to ‘Be happier’ in 2015. maxresdefaultWhile I admittedly relish the fact that it’s pretty much impossible for anyone to hold me accountable on this one, it is something I’m serious about. With my first semester at BC, I kind of just expected a perfect life to fall in to my lap, with a thriving social life and stimulating co-curriculars, and it wasn’t really until December that I realized things weren’t what I wanted them to be, and I had only myself to blame. I could toss in some cliche about how I control my destiny, but what I really mean is that happiness is work, and I’m finally trying to embrace that.” – Grace Rice ‘18

“I have a few pieces of advice for a successful semester. Be consistent. During the first week of the semester, find a great study space that works for you. In addition, find a time of day that is best for getting work done. Are you a night owl? Are you a busy bee in the morning? Find what clicks for you. Another thing to keep in mind is that sleep is crucial. Do not assume you can run on fumes. Sleep recharges your body for the better, and will help you become more productive. Find what works for you, whether it is a good afternoon nap, going to bed before 12 or any other way to get shut-eye. Finally, do not be afraid to ask for help. Even if you think you will sound stupid by asking a question of someone, just do it. Whether it is going to office hours or asking upperclassmen about what classes to take, it is better to know the answer to your question than to not ask at all.” – Kyle Donohue ‘17

“I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions this year because I always tend to forget about them come February. I skipped this tradition for the first time in my life that I can remember, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not constantly improving or trying to be better in new ways. My advice for the new year is to be open and authentic with those around you, and be passionate about whatever interests you. flynn-complex-boston-collegeOnce you do this, it becomes addicting, and that will last longer than your commitment to go to the gym every day. Trust me!” – Jack Donovan ‘17 

“My resolution is probably to try and stay more fit.  Usually me and exercise have our ups and downs where I won’t do anything for a real long time, and then feel the urge to train like an Olympian in the span of a week.  If I can keep it more consistent I wanna think I’ll feel better about my overall health.  And that would rock.” – Joey Dorion ‘17

“My parents always have hilarious (and pretty weird) stories that they love to share from when they were my age. So, as dumb as it may sound, my goal for the semester is to have a great time, and make a lot of memories. And also do well in school and what not (but let’s be real, that’s something I think about all the time, it’s not exactly new).” – Saidhbhe Berry ‘17

“So 2014 has come and gone, and I don’t remember any of the resolutions I made for that year. Good. In that case, this year I resolve to listen to good music, read for myself whenever possible, take time for coffee dates, and say thank you more often. And hopefully those are things that I’ll do without having to ‘resolve’ to do them. Happy New Year, readers.” – Melissa Warten ‘16

10964978-christmas-card-with-glow-gold-2015-vector“This year, I resolve to not give a f*** about s*** that doesn’t matter. I have one last shot at this before it’s all over, and if I waste my time giving a good God-damn about unimportant nonsense, I’ll end up leaving here on May 18 both violently hungover and full of regret. So in this new year, I’ve resolved to prioritize better. It’s okay to skip class if it’s for a good cause. Homework can wait; some things can’t. If a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity comes around, jump on it–they’re called once-in-a-lifetime for a reason. And mostly, I refuse to waste my time on people who have all the compelling qualities of a slice of Wonder Bread when I’m surrounded by so many interesting people. Join me, friends, and don’t waste another minute giving a f*** about s*** that doesn’t matter.” – Kate Lewis ‘15

Happy New Years, and good luck with your resolutions, from all of us at The Rock!

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