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The Rock Staff Celebrates Super Bowl Sunday

In honor of the Patriots and Seahawks big day, The Rock staff shares their thoughts on today’s game.

“I’m confident Tom Brady sold his soul to the Devil in order to maintain his success in all aspects of life.  As far as Belichick, I think he may actually be the Devil.”- Mike “The Jets Won a Super Bowl Once I Swear” McGee ‘18

“I really love college football. As a result, the Super Bowl does absolutely nothing for me. It’s basically just another excuse for me to eat chips and salsa. Sometimes nachos.” – Alexa Kilroy ‘18

maxresdefault“I shall spend the entire day up until kickoff praying to any and all omnipotent beings that may or may not exist in the world we inhabit. Prayer-time will be followed by a quick call to my mom to make sure that my dog’s wearing his lucky jersey and to inquire about the possibility of teleporting homemade chicken nachos and chili to me for the game. When that fails I’ll simply call Pino’s and spend the rest of the night pulling my hair out and yelling at the 32’’ TV in whatever crowded dorm room I end up watching the game from. #InBradyWeTrust” – Korey Ryan ‘18 

“Though I should care about the outcome of Sunday night’s match as a New England native and the daughter of a die-hard Patriots fan and season ticket holder, I’ve got other sports things on my mind. Super Bowl Sunday, you say? More like Beanpot Eve! Though tonight will surely find me gluttonously consuming junk food and beer (while hopefully watching the Pats steamroll over the Seahawks), I’ll be spending most of the evening excitedly anticipating the annual college hockey tournament at the Garden. In conclusion, football is boring and hockey is cool. The end.” – Kate Lewis ‘15

“As a die-hard Chicago sports fan, I seriously contemplated using this an an outlet to throw shade and be bitter. But somehow Gronk has captured my heart, and I like parades, so I guess you could say I will be cheering for the Patriots. Even though #Deflategate was shady.” – Grace Rice ’18

” B9316064214Z.1_20150130103728_000_GS19QBUJ1.5-0 ” – Austin Blank

“Oh, that’s this Sunday.” –Melissa Warten ‘16

“I’m just happy that it’s not Super Soccer Sunday or I might spontaneously combust; at this point I will probably only be lightly smoked (like the pork I will most likely eat in honor of the pig-skin).” – Jake Maestas ‘16

Good luck to the Patriots and the Seahawks, and we hope everyone has a great Super Bowl Sunday!

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