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The Rock Staff Celebrates Valentine’s Day

The most romantic day of the year is almost here, whether you’ve been dreading the day or you can’t wait to celebrate. Valentine’s Day can be tough no matter your relationship status, so we here at the Rock have put our heads together to share our Valentine’s traditions, plans and complaints, in hopes that all of our readers have a happy February 14th no matter their relationship status!


“The worst Valentine’s Day I’ve had was actually when I was with someone, so I’m really looking forward to fully appreciating me, myself, and I on Saturday. Also my parents’ sent me a care package full of candy and chocolates. So I’ll be working on that.” – Michelle Castro ‘18

romantic-dinner-recipes“In my 18 years on this here planet earth, I have never had a ‘fun’ Valentines day, as it is always something to freak out about, regardless of relationship status. So, for the month of February one of my friends and I have basically been dating each other, going out to dinner and what not and just celebrating our awesomeness. This Saturday, Valentine’s Day, we have a reservation at a fancy restaurant in Boston, a bottle of wine and red dresses and we’re gonna be happy. That’s all. Go women! Woo!” – Kate Chaney ‘18

“While I plan to spend the day with my girlfriend, I have a very standard plan for how to spend Valentine’s Day if single. This plan necessitates an obsession with Russell Stover chocolates, and entails going to CVS on the 15th and buying as much discounted candy as possible. Then you go home and stuff your face- simple as that! Nobody needs love when there’s chocolate.” – Jack Donovan ‘17

“My roommate and I plan on going to Chipotle and then spending the rest of day doing nothing productive.  Because who needs a significant other when you have guacamole.” – Joey Dorion ‘17

shutterstock_84778573“A group of friends and I are heading to Cambridge on V-Day to eat some bomb pizza at Area Four, which holds an annual Anti-Valentine’s Day Celebration for all us people lucky enough to be single ;). Since I’m slightly lactose-intolerant, what better way to celebrate love than with a massive stomach ache and a tiny bit of regret? How is that any different from any other Valentine’s Day?” – Danielle Dybbro ‘15

“This Valentines Day, my roomie and I are heading to the spa. This is our first single Valentines Day in a number of years, so we’re going full on Gal-Entines Day. We have also purchased a lot of chocolate. Valentines Day doesn’t just have to be about loving someone romantically. We’re using it to love ourselves and share our love for our friends.” – Alexa Kilroy ‘18

“I feel like Valentine’s Day causes a lot of stress and anxiety–whether you’re in a relationship or not–which really sucks, because a day all about love shouldn’t be stressful, right? In my opinion, Valentine’s Day should be spent with the one you love, whether it’s your bae, your best friends, or even yourself (a little narcissism isn’t a bad thing). Take some time to treat yourself and your faves this Valentine’s Day, whether it’s with a kind gesture or just spending time together–everyone should feel the love!” – Kate Lewis ‘15

enhanced-13907-1398700313-2“I live across the street from Eagle’s Deli, Pino’s, and Chipotle. Long story short, I will be spending my Valentine’s Day wandering across the street to binge-eat vast quantities of food no less than three times (I’m very good at eating). But, I’d still like somebody to buy me the giant stuffed Valentine’s penguin they have at CVS. It’s three feet tall and only $20. And I really want it.” – Chris Pinto ‘16

“Last year my parents literally included me in their reservation for Valentine’s Day. I think that sort of sums up Valentine’s Day for me.” – Grace Rice ‘18

“Fellas, time to dump your girl before you have to blow endless amounts of cash on all that chocolate and stuff. It’s a tough world out there nowadays, especially with inflation and all that other economic stuff. I’d highly recommend saving that money for something better like an inflatable pool or a burrito.” – Korey Ryan ‘18

“Last year, my roommates and I spent Valentine’s Day watching cute proposals on YouTube and making a playlist of songs you would never want to walk down the aisle to (think ‘I’m In Luv Wit a Stripper,’ ‘Crazy Frog,’ or the sad song from when the ship goes down in Titanic). From me and mine to you and yours, I wish you a VDay full of friendship and laughter–and if you tell me your first dance song is ‘The Hamsterdance,’ I will give you my firstborn child.” – Melissa Warten ‘16

From all of us here at The Rock, have a happy Valentine’s Day! We love our readers!

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