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The Rock Staff Celebrates Presidents’ Day

In honor of the birthdays of two of America’s finest leaders (George Washington and Abraham Lincoln), our country observes Presidents’ Day every third Monday in February. Though BC does not take a day off for Presidents’ Day, it doesn’t mean we here at the Rock won’t be celebrating! Learn more about our nation’s leaders in honor of this great holiday.


clinton sax“Best president is Bill Clinton: the man played saxophone on the Arsenio Hall show, which is the coolest thing to happen in the executive branch since 1789.  Yes, I am ignoring his boo on the side, and no I am not judging him on policy initiatives or success of the nation; I exclusively judge my politicians on their musical proficiency.  For that same reason I also rank Andrew Jackson highly, but that’s just because there’s a really cool rock musical about him (Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, look it up because it’s mad cool).” – Chris Pinto ‘16

“Okay, so Gerald Ford was technically never elected to the presidency due to Richard Nixon’s resignation, BUT he was still a really cool guy outside his rather lackluster term in office. Ford was a football star at the University of Michigan and helped the Wolverines win two national titles. He’s also credited with being the only president to tackle a Heisman Trophy winner when he brought down University of Chicago’s Jay Berwanger. Ford was also an avid golfer and recorded his first hole-in-one in 1977 at a pro-am tournament. The man also survived an assassination attempt made by one of the Charles Manson family members. Despite stirring a great deal of controversy in pardoning Nixon after the Watergate scandal, it’s fair to say that Gerald Ford was up there as one of the most badass presidents we had.” – Edward Byrne ‘18

william-henry-harrison-parks-1“I’ve been thinking a lot about William Henry Harrison lately. Why, you ask? A recent Parks and Recreation episode featured a museum solely focused on what would have happened if he did not die after 32 days in office. And it was a great political tool for Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) to use in her battle against a national development site looking to bid on land for a national park. Go Harrison! As for presidents I admire for their accomplishments, my favorites are Washington, Jackson, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, JFK, LBJ and Clinton. Fun fact: did you know the teddy bear is named after Teddy Roosevelt?” – Kyle Donohue ‘17

“Pick a favorite President? Well, Taft got stuck in a bathtub once. The S in Harry S Truman doesn’t stand for anything. Rutherford Hayes held gospel sing-alongs in the White House. Don’t ask me to make this decision, okay?!” – Melissa Warten ‘16

“Andrew Jackson was a seriously badass dude. He embodied the time-tried mantra of ‘don’t hate me, because you ain’t me.’ He kept the national bank, despite the majority of people thinking it wasn’t the best idea. Jackson_inauguration_cropA tad fascist? Maybe. True American? Definitely. Just imagine Jackson dropping the mic. No can keep up with that late 18th century swag.” – Michelle Castro ‘18

“Well I mean, Andrew Jackson had an absolutely enormous rager when he won the presidency. 20k people throwing down in the white house with tubs of whiskey on the lawn? Are you kidding me? That’s the original Project X right there. So that being said, Jackson definitely gets the top spot for being an absolute party animal. My top 3 is probably rounded out by Lincoln for having impeccable style with that legendary hat along with Millard Fillmore who had a name so ill that it’s in there twice. That’s my take on President’s Day.” – Korey Ryan ‘18

“Mr. Dorion beat me to the punch on a blurb about Kennedy, my favorite president (check my staff title, enough said).  But as a man who respects the POTUS office, I will speak about my next favorite president, Thomas Jefferson.  First, Jefferson wrote The Declaration of Independence, the most influential document in American history.  On top of that though, he purchased a massive portion of the continental United States thanks to the Louisiana Purchase.  Jefferson founded the University of Virginia, arguably the best public university in the USA.  He was a founding father, the third president, and was one of the men who turned a small group of breakaway colonies, into the world’s biggest powerhouse.” – Mike McGee ‘18

tumblr_m1m126ngPT1qazdiwo1_500“JFK, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, whatever you want to refer to him as you have to respect the pimp that he was whilst in office. A true champion of the people, he fought in WW2 even though he was exempted, raced around the Pacific in a dope torpedo boat, and probably just made everyone bow down in awe at how kickass he was. Then he went on to conquer U.S. politics as the only Catholic president, and he made beantown proud. He presided over the Cuban Missile Crisis and made sure that the world didn’t explode. He instituted the beginning of The Great Society and sought to make America even more badass than it already was. After only being office for a little over 1000 days, he was assassinated. He accomplished a heck of a lot of stuff and will live on in legacy as one of the most legendary presidents ever to run the oval office.” – Joey Dorion ‘17

“Can me talk about my man James Madison? Forgive me for channeling Addazio, but what a dude! I realize this could be interpreted as sarcasm, but rest assured that I am actually a huge nerd and Madison supporter. I mean this guy is so underrated, even though he’s known as the ‘Father of the Constitution.’ And you can’t forget about the Bill of Rights and Federalist Papers, either! Or the Kentucky and Virginia resolutions. Honestly, what were the other Founding Fathers even doing? And his administration? Successfully handled a nation in crisis. James Madison, everyone.” – Grace Rice ‘18

tr10meme“Theodore Roosevelt–the ultimate adventurer, person, and president. While everyone here may have some solid evidence as to why their favorite president is great, how many can say that theirs was shot and continued to give a speech? Also, don’t call him Teddy. He hated that.” – Jack Donovan ‘17

“I’m disappointed. Every year, Presidents’ Day becomes more and more commercialized. We’re so inundated with used car sales, great deals on discount furniture and Presidents’ Day special events that we’ve lost sight of what the day is really supposed to be about–honoring the 43 dudes who’ve led our great nation. This year, I propose we get back to the true meaning of Presidents’ Day. Also, my favorite president is William Howard Taft because one time he got tired at a baseball game and invented the seventh-inning stretch, just for s–ts and giggles.” – Kate Lewis ‘15

Happy Presidents’ Day from all of us to you!

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