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Let The Madness Begin: NCAA Tournament Preview

Kentucky won’t win it all. Yeah, I said it. Perfection isn’t happening, sorry ladies and gents but that’s just the way it is. If you agree and think I’m right then that’s great, stick around and read more. Think I’m a raving lunatic? Even better! Stick around to find out why March Madness drove me this way. Anyways, here’s my personal opinion on how the madness will go down. Even though you guys probably have as good of a guess as I do for how this will go down, you guys should stick around nonetheless. I mean why not, you’ve already clicked the link it’s not like you have anything better to do with your day.


Kentucky over Manhattan. Kansas over New Mexico State. Maryland over Valparaiso. Notre Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 2.58.00 PMDame over Northeastern (unfortunately). I see no huge upsets for the top 4 seeds, sorry to disappoint but that’s just the way it is. However, I do see the 5 seed West Virginia taking an early exit losing to U-Buffalo. Butler and Texas should be tough matchup, but I have Butler pulling it out in the end and moving on. Purdue beats Cincinnati in the always close 8/9 matchup, and finally to round out the Midwest round of 64, I have Indiana upsetting Wichita State in a high scoring matchup.

Moving into the round of 32 I think Kentucky defeats Purdue easily, Maryland wipes the floor with Buffalo, Notre Dame cruises past Butler, and Kansas beats down Indiana. Not very creative to have the top 4 seeds advancing into the Sweet 16 I know but I mean come on, it just seems too likely. As for the Sweet 16, I have Kentucky pushing their way past Maryland and Notre Dame getting around Kansas to meet in the Elite Eight where Kentucky beats Notre Dame (down with the Irish, sorry I’m a little bias). Kentucky moves on to the Final Four.



In the East in the round of 64 I have the top five seeds (Villanova, UVA, Oklahoma, Louisville, and UNI) moving on. This means that Lafayette, Belmont, Wyoming, and the other three teams that aren’t really all that good… my apologies but your run has come to a short and pitiful end, Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 2.58.14 PMbut hey at least you went to the tourney! #LookOnTheBrightside. Anyways, I’ve also got the 7th and 8th seeds continuing on as well based off the fact that the SEC is usually pretty pitiful at basketball outside of Kentucky so NC State and Michigan State pull off the wins. As for the 6th seeded Providence Friars I have them being upset by the 11 seed play in team (It’s Dayton/Boise State, since the game’s a home game for Dayton and they’re a very good team I’d put my money on the Flyers versus Friars matchup with the Flyers pulling the upset).

The round of 32 is where things get interesting in my bracket. It starts out simple with UNI putting up a fight but ultimately dropping to Louisville. I also have the Spartans losing to the great defensive team that is Virginia. However, I’ve got NC State upsetting Villanova (who in my opinion are overrated and shouldn’t even be a 1). I’ve also got the Sooners handling Dayton relatively easily. This carries us into the Sweet 16, with an ACC matchup of Louisville and NC State (where I’ll take the Cardinals) and a matchup between Oklahoma and Virginia (where I’ll take UVA). Moving on to the Elite Eight, where we have Louisville vs. Virginia (who split their ACC season series). I’ll take Virginia moving on to the Final Four here because I think their defense is simply just too good. Virginia moves on to the Final Four.



Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 2.58.36 PMIn the West I’ve got the top 5 seeds (Wisconsin, Arizona, Baylor, UNC, and Arkansas) all surviving the round of 64. While I wouldn’t be blown away by a Wofford upset over Arkansas, I don’t think it’s likely. Also, as much as I’d love to see our crosstown rivals, the Crimson, take down the Tar Heels but I think UNC is just far too good to let that happen this year. I also have Oklahoma State over Oregon simple because the Ducks don’t have a good rep lately against schools that go by OSU (too soon Oregon fans? Too bad). Speaking of OSU I have them advancing past VCU as well as Ole Miss pulling off the upset against Xavier because why not.

As we move into the round of 32 I’ve got a little bit of a Cinderella story in the making with Ole Miss beating Baylor. I’ll also take Wisconsin over Oklahoma State, UNC over Arkansas, and Arizona over the Buckeyes.  The Sweet 16 is where Ole Miss and their little Cinderella run will come to an end at the hands of the Arizona Wildcats. On the other end in the West Wisconsin should be able to handle UNC relatively easily leading to a 1v2 matchup in the Elite Eight where I’ll be taking the Wildcats over the Badgers, Arizona to the Final Four.



Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 2.59.05 PMNow you’re probably thinking…. “¾’s of the bracket, not a lot of upsets… what’s this kid thinking?” Well see, that’s because I threw a majority of them into the South region mainly because I can do whatever I want. Top 3 seeds move on to the round of 32. That means Duke, Gonzaga, and Iowa State are safe (for now). However, I have Georgetown getting upset by Eastern Washington because I personally think Georgetown’s overrated and also because why the hell not. I think Utah will squeak by SF Austin (don’t sleep on that upset, just because I didn’t pick it doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen you know). I also have St. Johns over San Diego State, SMU over UCLA, and Davidson with the slight upset over Iowa.

In the round of 32 things get even more interesting in my South region, as I have Davidson going on a Cinderella run and taking down an overrated Gonzaga team. I also have Duke over St. Johns, Iowa State over SMU, and Utah over Eastern Washington. In the Sweet Sixteen it’ll be Duke over Utah and Iowa State helping the clock strike midnight on Davidson’s tourney trip. Iowa State versus Duke should be quite the matchup but I never really trust Duke in the tournament plus “I Hate Christian Laettner” so I’ll take Iowa State advancing on to the Final Four.


Final Four

Virginia and Iowa State would be very interesting to see, an incredibly potent offense versus a shut down defense. They say Defense wins championships, and I agree. Virginia wins it and continues on into the finals. Kentucky and Arizona should be quite the matchup, but honestly I just don’t believe in perfection and I don’t see it happening here. Kentucky’s a great team but all good things must come to an end. Arizona moves on to face Virginia in the finals. In the finals I’ll put my money on the ACC team (that’s Virginia if you guys didn’t know). Maybe if they had denied me I would’ve taken Arizona out of spite but they put me on the waitlist so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.


As Porky Pig would say: “That’s all folks!” Thanks for listening to my delusional ravings about the second best winter sport (Hockey over errythang). If you think I’m wrong please feel free to let me know but my bracket’s locked so good luck getting my group leader to let me change it. Oh, and let the Madness begin.

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