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People With Good Housing Shouldn’t Throw Stones

Freshman housing selections are finally coming to a close, and I don’t think anyone on campus could be more relieved. BC ResLife’s randomized process was kind to me, lifting me out of the depths of my Keyes basement double on Newton to my new 8-man on the seventh floor in Walsh for next year. My group and I were #blessed with a 5:45 pick time and reveled in our luck. It was the perfect Monday and a great way to kick off a week that seemed to only go downhill in the freshman class.

ed3As Tuesday turned into Wednesday and some of my friends came to terms with living on CoRo, a student in the unofficial class of 2018 Facebook group humorously listed all of the benefits of living on CoRo with his fellow classmates. The post [Part 1 | Part 2] garnered a great deal of attention and laughs from both the haves and the have-nots in the housing process.

Unfortunately, another student grossly misinterpreted the message of the post in the group and listed her own reasons for why Lower campus will always be better than CoRo and in the process, sparked a firestorm of controversy Wednesday evening.

The whole thing was actually like a car accident. The second post [Part 1 | Part 2] defending Lower was so incredibly bad, as well as the comments, that one couldn’t help but watch the series of events unfold. I found myself hugely disappointed in the way some of my classmates attacked each other on social media over a randomized system that sorted students into dormitories for their sophomore year that will supposedly determine their social life.

This poor girl, with whom I didn’t agree, was being attacked left and right. Names were hurled at her from behind a computer screen. She was even told to commit suicide. This is the kind of bullshit that tarnishes a school’s reputation.

I’m severely disappointed still today knowing that my graduating class is the laughingstock of the entire campus because a few students act like cowards on the Internet. I was going to compare these people to middle schoolers, but I don’t like to insult children.

ed1Calling some girl a bitch on a Facebook post is immature. Telling someone to kill him or herself is disgusting. Going a step further and threatening to burn a person alive and smoke his or her ashes in a blunt is despicable. Sadly, all three of these things happened in a public forum last night.

Mind you, this all started with the BC housing process. I know most people would love to see a change in this process in the future, myself included. However, this is the way it is right now and fighting with each other on social media, crying in Mac or on the Newton bus, or burning bridges with your friends won’t change BC ResLife’s system.

This student body is too good to get worked up on Facebook about something so trivial. I hope we as a class can learn from this incident and leave it behind. Everyone has their own opinions, but some are just better left unsaid and un-posted. Be more, class of 2018. CoRo or Lower, we’re still a BC family.

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