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Music You Oughta Know: Years & Years

Tuesday, March 24th: I was browsing on iTunes, listening to the “Hot Tracks” section of the main page when I stumbled across an electronic pop song from a band I had never heard of, “Desire” by Years & Years. I don’t know what possessed me to press play, but I listened to the 90 second preview and instantly was hooked.

Olly Alexander Years & YearsOne hour later I had purchased their 4-song EP, and had bought a ticket to see them at The Royale in Boston less than a week later. I thought, they aren’t super well-known in the US yet, so why not?

Best “why not?” of my 2015 so far. To prepare for the concert, I listened to their EP as well as a few singles an embarrassing number of times. With all that preparation, I was singing along to most of the songs with the best of them.

Additionally, to my pleasant surprise, even though I walked onto the dance floor more than half an hour after the doors opened, I was still able to shuffle up close enough that only 6 people were in front of me.

Olly Alexander’s vocals are initially what drew me into the Years & Years fanclub, his ethereal voice mashing with synth beats and some intense bass for an experience that really is something to behold. Though their club-banger-worthy singles are what initially drew me in, Years & Years also excels at softer, more personal songs that serve to make them a well-rounded electronic trio.

TL;DR: Years & Years is an electronic indie/synthpop trio from London, consisting of lead singer Olly Alexander, bassist Mikey Goldsworthy, and synth master Emre Turkmen. Their debut album is set to come out in June in the UK, so honestly, I can’t tell you when it will be available in the US (confession: I just pre-ordered the album to ship from the UK. God help me).

Good news though: their EP Y&Y is available in the US, as well as a few other singles and remixes. Hurry up and jump on the bandwagon before they invade the radio waves so you can be a hipster and say that you knew them way before they were cool.

A few of Years & Years’ best tracks so far…

Their top single, “Kings”:

Good for a club banger, “Desire”:

An acoustic version of “Memo”:

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