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The Greycliff Housing Problem

Disclaimer: Please read with caution. This article is meant to be a satire. The opinions expressed in this article do not reflect the author’s or TRBC’s feelings toward or position on any of the topics covered below, because the only squatters on the BC campus are the homeless people Walsh residents house in exchange for liquor.

It was a long and cold winter for all of us here at Boston College, but for a certain collection of students, it was especially frigid.  The Rock has recently learned that numerous Greycliff Hall residents have not been living in their assigned dorm rooms, but have instead been squatting in 2150 Commonwealth Ave., the dorm building across from St. Ignatius that is currently under construction.

YScreen Shot 2015-03-31 at 3.19.25 PMes, it is shocking news.  Not only was it surprising to learn that numerous people do actually live in Greycliff, but it is stunning to learn that the students were able to survive such harsh winter nights with only sleeping bags, Canada Goose-Jackets, and bottles of cheap whiskey for warmth.

“I tried to deal with Greycliff for as long as I could” says a sophomore nursing student who wishes to remain unidentified, “but the forced double was just too much.  Also, it was just so much easier to climb up the steel construction beams and hide inside the construction equipment than it was to try and get on the Brighton Shuttle”.

The construction workers claimed to be unaware of the squatters, who have been continually moving about the worksite over the course of the past four months. A group of male transfer students, who claim to be the first duo to squat, reported to The Rock that they first moved into 2150 after Thanksgiving.  The tandem cited proximity to Walsh Hall and the Plex as their main reasons for leaving Greycliff.

I decided to spend a night in 2150 this past weekend to try and better understand this desperate group of students.  Around 1:15 am on Saturday morning, after being kicked out of a Mod I was not invited to in the first place, I made the trek over to Comm. Ave.  After falling a couple times while climbing, I was assisted by four girls who had recently made a home on the second floor of the building.

They brought me back to their sleeping area, which consisted of the groups suitcases, along with four felt blankets, six black North Face jackets tied together, a collection of half-burnt decorative candles, and 17 bottles of red wine.

IMG-20110406-00037The four told me that after being “totally screwed” by the housing process, they ended up being placed into two doubles in Greycliff.  After Spring Break, they had had enough, and decided to follow the other migrants to the new Comm. Ave dorm. The total number of Greycliff defectors sits at around 9.

The group of students has been showering before class each morning at the Plex, and spend all of their free time in the library while the construction workers are around.  With none of the amenities of a modern dorm room, the squatters have no real motivation to get back and relax in their hidden sleeping areas.  They are still adamant in their beliefs that their situation has improved though.

“Deciding to sleep in this construction site was really the best choice I made this year,” says a third year sophomore who wishes to go by ‘Dallas’.  “Being in Greycliff was just so depressing.  I would come back each day after class and knew I would be alone.  And the weekends, well, no one remembers to invite their poor Greycliff friend out.  Moving into 2150 just really changed things for the better.”

The Rock was unable to contact anyone who is destined for Greycliff next year, because these students hide this information as best they can due to the distressing nature of the situation.  But this writer doesn’t doubt that come next winter, there will be a new group of squatters living in the construction site of 2150 Commonwealth Ave.

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