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The Rock Staff Celebrates Easter

Ah yes, Easter Sunday, a wonderful time to celebrate new life, spring weather, and most importantly, jellybeans for breakfast. Join our staff in reminiscing on Easters past, favorite traditions, and the nuances of egg hunt competition! We hope all of our readers have a hoppin’ Easter weekend!


“Easter fell on my birthday in 4th grade while my family was on vacation in Disneyland. My siblings and I were shocked that the Easter Bunny found our hotel room in Anaheim, CA. I hosted an Easter-themed 10th birthday complete with an Easter Bunny piñata, an egg hunt, and the works. Recently, while reminiscing on one of my favorite birthdays, I did the math and was less than thrilled to discover that Easter once again falls on my birthday in two years… My 21st. Let’s just say that I will be celebrating Easter ’17 with a heavy emphasis on the Blood of Christ.” – Caroline Roughneen ‘18

b969bb5870160a8a69d9bff1ebae1279“Easter has always been a very competitive affair in my family, just because the Easter egg hunt always carried the promise of money in some of the eggs.  I think my fondest memory of Easter was 2006, where we were recovering eggs and tallying them up to make sure they had all been found.  Turns out that the egg with 50 dollars was missing.  I then spent an hour outside after everyone had gone in looking for it, and was able to find it.  Bought two PlayStation games with that #cashmoney.” – Joey Dorion ‘17

“Like Joey, Easter egg hunts in my family always come with a healthy dose of competition. This is complicated by the fact that I’m one of the older kids in my family, but it doesn’t stop me from bringing my game face to the annual hunt. I’ll trick the little cousins into looking in the wrong places. I won’t hesitate to call bulls**t if I think an unfair call has been made. I’ll push the kids into the dirt if that’s what it takes. But Kate (you may say), you’re 21, that seems rather drastic and immature! And to you I say, it’s all a part of the game. And to my family members I say, y’all better watch out. Senior week tickets ain’t paying for themselves, and this year, the Golden Egg is mine.” – Kate Lewis ‘15

“I came home for the long weekend this year, and found an Easter basket waiting for me. My dad took it away, hid it, and said it’s for my grandma to give to me on Sunday. ‘Act surprised,’ he said. The usual.” – Melissa Warten ‘16

“I have an April birthday, so over the years I’ve received countless bunny statues that now decorate my family’s house during this magical time of year. My mother even took the rabbit obsession to the point of getting my sister and I one as a childhood pet. Don’t make that mistake, folks. Rabbits are not fun pets; they sit in their cages and bite children. Your children will be just as pleased, if not more so, with a basket of peanut butter eggs or a puppy.” – Grace Rice ‘18

Easter decoration“My family’s celebration of Easter is quite average. Wake up, hunt for eggs, load up on chocolate eggs and rabbits, the occasional sacrifice of a rabbit to the great lord Satan. Usually we’ll head over and spend the day with the rest of the family (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, the whole nine yards) and have an even bigger egg hunt there. Some will say that seems repetitive and would be boring, but I mean I’m always game for more candy. In all honestly, Easter is one of my favorite holidays because it’s just so relaxed and unintensive. You get to chill out, spend time with your family, and eat loads of chocolate. I don’t know about you guys but that sounds like quite the holiday.” – Korey Ryan ‘18

“I used to be deathly afraid of the Easter Bunny, mostly because I had no clue how that stupid rabbit got in my house.  Tooth Fairy was a window, Santa was a chimney, but where the hell did the bunny come in?  Technically speaking, I could press charges for breaking and entering.  But now I don’t care about the Easter Bunny, I’m just sitting and waiting for half-price Easter candy at CVS come Monday.”Chris Pinto ‘16

Happy Easter from all of us here at The Rock to you!

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