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Music That Rocks: Spring into Song!

Though it may be time for spring cleaning, great music is one thing to never part with. Shine up your playlist with some of these recommendations, including throwback hits, new releases from old favorites, and brand-new tunes from up-and-coming artists!

“What’s My Age Again?” – blink-182

“With just over five weeks until Commencement 2015, let’s just say the dread is real. They’ve announced the speaker. I’ve turned in my thesis. I picked out a pair of shoes that won’t screw up my ankles when I’m facing the Million Dollar Stairs with a hangover on graduation day. With all this stop-the-world-I-wanna-get-off panic setting in, it’s time for a throwback! This song (along with most of blink-182’s greatest hits album) has been getting me through dark days since my late-onset indie-rock phase freshman year–pump up the volume, scream the words, and it makes the rage a little more bearable.” – Kate Lewis ‘15

“I Really Like You” – Carly Rae Jepsen

“In 2012, Carly Rae Jepsen took over the world with her jam, ‘Call Me Maybe.’ It was everything you could ever ask for in a song, representing the pinnacle of pop music. This year, Jepsen returns to the music game like a phoenix rising from the ashes putting out this musical masterpiece. You know its good because you only need to listen to it for maybe 4 seconds of the song and you’ll have it stuck in your head for a week. Your brain recognizes it as brilliant and makes an effort to remember it. Science 101.” – Mike McGee ‘18

“Eternal Sunshine”Jhené Aiko    

“This is one of the latest tracks from Jhené Aiko’s debut studio album Souled Out, and its music video wraps the audience in a warm blanket of siren-like vocals, heartfelt piano chords, and sepia images of Jhené and her family. While Jhené continues to sing the refrain ‘only the good things’, the underlying theme of the video is a bit more somber, as the video is dedicated to her brother, Miyagi, who died of cancer in 2012. Jhené acts as a floating head in the video, in the center focus, while parts of the background include a re-creation of a car accident. This is a slow burner, is a great song to listen to (or even sing!) in the rain, and Jhené produces a real winner here.” – Kyle Donohue ‘17

“Half Of My Heart” – John Mayer

“As I sit in my overheated dorm room filled with adolescent angst regarding my current situation, sweet notes of John Mayer breeze through my mind and I find myself wallowing in over thought emotions and maybe even shed a tear. Okay, maybe not. But nonetheless, this song is surprisingly poignant as John Mayer seems to only write songs about getting high and being a genuine idiot. Its entirely relatable in its detailed account of a relationship that one, or both, people aren’t fully committed to. Wishing something felt right when it doesn’t is a universal concept, however unpleasant it may be. ‘Half of my heart’s got a right mind to tell you that half of my heart won’t do.’ Never did I realize that John Mayer could exhibit true human emotion, but here we are. On a lighter note, one can’t ignore the irony of Taylor Swift breaking through with the backup vocals in a song that was essentially a forewarning of what was to come with her and John. Hmmm Taylor, you should’ve said no.” – Kate Chaney ‘18

“Strangers to Ourselves” – Modest Mouse

“Modest Mouse released a new album recently, their first in nearly 10 years. While the album as a whole did not strike me as “must listen to” music; “Strangers to Ourselves” is one that demands attention. The song is a combination of good instrumental and vocals; few songs are able to be both mellow and desirable to listen to. A great song to listen to while laying in bed, reaching enlightenment, or going for a run.” – Jake Maestas ‘16

“Breakup in a Small Town” – Sam Hunt

“Honestly I have no idea why I like this song. It’s country with a weird little bass drop so is it really country, and the lyrics aren’t exactly groundbreaking, and sometimes Sam Hunt raps and other times he sings–but I found myself listening to it on repeat. So weird. But hey, if it works it works, and I think Hunt is on his way to dominating the country-crossover game.” – Melissa Warten ‘16

“Somebody to You” – The Vamps feat. Demi Lovato 

“With the recent departure of Zayn from One Direction, I know you’re asking yourself, what on earth do I do to fill the void??! To soften the blow, check out The Vamps, a British pop band who I’ve heard described as ‘a grungier One Direction.’ The 4-man group are around the same age as One Direction but instead of having every member sing solos, the lead singer, Brad Simpson, is the main vocal event. This song comes from their debut album, Meet the Vamps, and Demi Lovato’s verse and harmonies add something special. With heavy drums, choral chanting, and sweet guitar melodies, this is sure to get stuck in your head.” – Danielle Dybbro ‘15

“Unconsolable” – X Ambassadors

“I’ve been listening to X Ambassadors for a few months now, and while their whole EP is impressive, ‘Unconsolable’ is the song I hope/expect will blow up (mainly expect – they have the same producers as Imagine Dragons). The Brooklyn-based group has a really unique way of fusing different genres, as their sound ranges from r&b to indie. The track’s raw lyrics and acoustic-sounding vocals are paired with strong percussion and looped guitar, making for an introspective, stand-out song about the lead singer and his brother’s relationship and the group’s childhood growing up in upstate New York.” – Grace Rice ‘18

“Renegades” – X Ambassadors

“I heard part of this song on a Jeep commercial and loved it. So naturally I had to look up a couple random lyrics I remembered in an attempt to find the song. I gave myself a 50/50 chance of finding this song and luckily ended up on the positive side. I played it on the drive home from Easter and my mom and friend enjoyed it as well. Guess it’s a song that just speaks to everyone. Really though, listen for X Ambassadors. They’re on the come up and there’s no doubt about it.” – Korey Ryan ‘18

“The Wolf” – Mumford & Sons

“MORE NEW MUMFORD & SONS!!!! Honestly, you just have to listen to this song. The guys of M&S are back with a new sound, and it’s fantastic. As they’ve transitioned to a more rock and roll style, M&S gives off a more modern and folky U2 vibe. It’s an upbeat song and similar to the M&S you’re familiar with, but brings more edge to the table.” – Edward Byrne ’18

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