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Events That Rock: Rainbow Run

The Boston Marathon may be coming up, but let’s face it, not everyone is ready to run 26.2 miles this weekend. Luckily, there’s another way to get your running fix in before the big day—the Rainbow Run is coming to Boston College on Friday!

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 11.23.02 PMThe Undergraduate Leadership Academy (ULA) is sponsoring the event to come to BC this weekend. Runners will loop our beloved Res and get splashed with bursts of color throughout the race (think Holi). So it’s running, but actually fun. And what’s even better is that ULA is working with the Spectrum Retreat and the GLBTQ+ Leadership Council, so all proceeds from registration will go towards the GLBTQ+ community here at BC.

“ULA is so excited to bring this event to campus,” said freshman member Katie Lamirato. “It’s an event many people have expressed interest in…we’ve been working very hard to make this a fun experience for students.”

The Rainbow Run is scheduled to start at the Res at 5:00pm this Friday, April 17th. Interested runners should sign up via OrgSync or register right at the race itself for $5. There will be pizza, prizes, free T-shirts, and five kilometers of color–all for a good cause.

This weekend is of course about the marathon, but as BC students, it’s about so much more—it’s about community, togetherness, hard work and a whole lot of fun. So make the Rainbow Run a part of this weekend that we all already love.


[This article has been updated from its original posting to reflect that the final destination of donations is not yet certain.]

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