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Music That Rocks: The Heights Are Alive!

As the semester comes to a close, BC is bursting with signs of spring: salmon shorts, sunshine and sidewalk chalk. What better way to celebrate the beauty of springtime than with some hits hand-selected by the Rock staff? Check out these hot tunes and our other favorites on Spotify!


“Freak Out” – Avril Lavigne

“This is Avril Lavigne at her best. Yes, she may not be as relevant or popular as she once was, but her early work shows her raw talent and angst. This song is about taking charge of your life, and the guitar riffs are killer. The lyric ‘Stand up for yourself/And put up a fight/Walk around with your hands up in the hair/Like you don’t care’ really speaks to listeners on a personal level. Avril does not want people to settle, because she says they might not know what they could achieve on their own. Maybe she should return to the style of earlier albums like Under My Skin. Comeback maybe?” – Kyle Donohue ‘17

“Sunday Candy” – Donnie Trumpet & the Social Experiment


“As I was showing this song to my roommate, she remarked on the fact that basically any song with ‘Sunday’ in the title is guaranteed to be good, which is actually undeniably true. Anyway, this song has one of the catchiest hooks I’ve heard in a while, an adorable video, and a gospel-choir style finish. What more can you ask for?” – Grace Rice ‘18

“Perfect Day” – Hoku

“The other day, I was browsing the Internet when I came upon this inspirational video of a cheeseburger on a windshield. I wept openly and watched it five times in a row. Senior year is weird, okay? Anyway, you might remember this throwback tune from Legally Blonde, and Hoku’s chipper early-2000’s pop tune is so upbeat that it’s impossible not to feel as happy-go-lucky as Elle Woods (or a cheeseburger on a windshield) while listening to it.” – Kate Lewis ‘15

“The Good Stuff” – Kenny Chesney


“Despite the fact that I spent the first seventeen years of my life thinking Kenny Chesney was too old to be relevant, these days I can’t stop listening to anything and everything he puts out. A perfect blend of ‘good ole days’ narratives about drinking beer and having a good time, to poignant love songs like this one, Kenny has a perfect way of relating to whatever mood I’m in. ‘The Good Stuff’ is a recent favorite, though it came out while back, because it’s honestly too adorable to not tear up while listening to. This bartender’s wife died and he became an alcoholic because he couldn’t deal with the pain of losing her! But here we are five years later and he’s sharing his wisdom with a man who showed up in his bar – asking for a drink but ending up with more wisdom than whiskey. He goes on to describe the love between he and his wife, the memories that are stronger than any booze could ever be. What girl doesn’t want to be remembered and cherished like this? If you find one, let me know.”  – Kate Chaney ‘18

“Pay No Mind” – Madeon feat. Passion Pit

“I don’t know what it is about Madeon but this French DJ consistently makes upbeat electronic jams that make me want to have a summer dance party. Madeon, aka Hugo Leclercq, shot to fame in 2011 when a video of him playing a mashup went viral. His debut album Adventure just came out this month and I’m seeing him this coming Sunday at the House of Blues. Not only does the 20-year-old (yes, he’s 20 and it makes me feel really unaccomplished) make sweet sounds, he also features vocals from some great singers like Dan Smith, the lead singer of Bastille (♥ ♥ ♥), Nicholas Petricca, the lead singer of Walk the Moon (more ♥s), Mark Foster, the lead singer of Foster the People, and Passion Pit. This song in particular is fun and summery never fails to make me want to awkwardly sway to the beat in a crowded elevator (believe me, it’s happened).” – Danielle Dybbro ‘15

“Sittin’ On The Dock of the Bay” – Otis Redding


“As the long New England winter turns to spring, and the school year comes to its close, visions of long days out in the sun dance in the minds of college students across the nation.  Or at least that’s what’s going on in my head.  Otis Redding’s hit from 1968 is an relaxing soul piece that goes hand in hand with summer nights at the beach, pointless days of relaxation, and ice cold…soda.  If it isn’t clear yet, I’m ready for some summertime R&R, and Otis’s smooth vocals remind me of what’s to come after finals.” – Mike McGee ‘18

“Lifted Up (1985)” – Passion Pit

“Back in my freshman days, I hiked miles through the snow to see Passion Pit play a concert. (True story.) ‘Lifted Up’ is the lead single off his third album Kindred, just released this past week. It’s the first release since 2012’s Gossamer, and I would hike through the snow again to hear it live. Michael Angelakos has been undergoing a really rough time, with bouts of hospitalization due to his mental health, and the album seems to speak not only to that but to his gratefulness and joy to be alive. It’s a tight-knit tribute to a long road to recovery, and has the makings of study music and pump-up jams alike.” – Melissa Warten ‘16

“Rill Rill” – Sleigh Bells


“I heard this song like last spring and jammed to it delivering sandwiches (for Jimmy Johns aka far more superior than Subway) and driving up to the lake in the summer. Sleigh Bells is kind of a bad ass group, but you wouldn’t get that vibe based on their soft vocals in a lot of their songs. Think of a pop version of M.I.A. and you’ll probably get this duo. This song in particular has some pretty good harmonies from the girls of Sleigh Bells, but the lyrics are a little violent, chronicling the initiation of a high school student into a bad girl gang. It’s awesome, and you should probably listen to it. I won’t force you, but you won’t regret it.” – Edward Byrne ‘18

“Algae Bloom” – Told Slant

Still Water is Told Slant’s only album so far, and three years after its release, it’s still phenomenal. Told Slant has a gift for expressing difficult emotions in a way that feels both raw and relatable. “Algae Bloom” cohesively distills many of Still Water’s most salient themes: sadness, frustration, self-doubt, desperation, and a general sense of stagnation. If any of those seem relevant to your life, try listening to Told Slant, and maybe you’ll feel less alone. ” – Ciaran Dillon-Davidson ‘18

“See You Again” – Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth


“The chorus of this song honestly sends chills throughout my body, and the song as a whole is an incredible tribute to the late Paul Walker for the soundtrack of Furious 7. I’m not normally a Wiz fan, however, his verses on this song seem to fit so well due to the focus of family being so prevalent in the Fast & Furious movies. Charlie Puth’s spine-tingling vocal ability on the chorus complements Wiz so well that it just adds that extra ‘oomph’ necessary to make this song so incredible. It’s a beautiful tribute to the loss of a friend, and a touching song for anyone who has suffered through loss. Because one day, we will see them again.” – Korey Ryan ‘18

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