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Indiana’s Greatest and Only Export: Meet Eddie Byrne

One man, in a big city, with even bigger dreams. That was the case for young Eddie Byrne when he first set foot on The Heights almost a year ago. Hailing from Fort Wayne, Indiana, Eddie is an aspiring English or maybe History major in the College of Arts and Sciences. A former rower, an Office fanatic, and a friend, Eddie is one of the most insightful and good-hearted people you’ll meet at BC (not to mention that his social media game is fire (@edfbyrne)). In early October, he joined The Rock at BC, which he would describe as the single greatest decision he’s ever made (probably). Let’s take a closer look at what makes Eddie tick.

me and puppy

Tell me about what drew you towards the Rock.

I really didn’t have much of a clue what the Rock’s “mission,” for lack of a better term, was when I submitted an interest form before freshman year. After the activities fair on Stokes lawn, I ended up going to a meeting not knowing if I would stick with it until I wrote an article a few weeks later. In the beginning, I guess you could say I was drawn to the very chill open-mindedness of the group and how someone could write about whatever they wanted, as long as it was coherent and respectful. I also made a fool out of myself at the first Rock “get-together” during a game of Kings when I fell off of a chair (if you can’t figure out why, use your imagination), so I had to come to meetings to see if I was still welcome even after embarrassing myself (not really a great story, had to be there).

What inspires you to sit down and write an article?

I can’t really say I ever get “inspired.” Lots of ideas just fall into my lap, and they’re usually some type of current event in the news or at BC. I learned from Kate Lewis (God save the Queen Bee) to get angry and to let that anger fuel your thoughts so you can put them into writing. My favorite articles I’ve written have been about topics that really just pissed me off and compelled me to say something. I’m not particularly funny by any means, nor do I try to be, so I try to stick to offering my opinions about a topic in my writing without really giving a damn about what people think. I don’t like to be cold when I write; I try to keep things lighthearted.

me afFavorite BC memory?

The first nice day, which became known as “Coachella Day 3,” at BC after the winter from hell was probably one of my favorite days. It was only like 60 degrees, but no one cared because the sun was out, there was music, people were playing Frisbee, and Jordan Spieth was on his way to winning the Masters. That whole day was spent just hanging out on the Keyes lawn with a bunch of my friends and avoiding every assignment possible. It was the perfect Sunday.

Smooth or chunky peanut butter?

Smooth most of the time. I told my mom to buy chunky once because I really wanted a chunky peanut butter sandwich, but I only ate it like three times after that and then moved in at BC.

Favorite Disney Channel show?

Without question, Lizzie McGuire.

What’s your dream celebrity entourage?

what else mattersIna Garten in a heartbeat because then she can invite me to the Hamptons for dinner and then fly to Paris for brunch the next day. That’s the life she leads. Taylor Swift would obviously be included because she’s a little weird but fiercely independent and talented. Lastly, Mindy Kaling because she is the funniest person alive, and I have wanted to be her best friend since I watched her character Kelly Kapoor slap Michael Scott across the face in the second episode of The Office (and this was in 2005). Honorable mention: Kendall Jenner, and I would personally tell Kylie she is not allowed in my entourage.

If you could pass on one piece of advice to the incoming freshman, what would it be?

Break out of your comfort zone. You look like a jamoke if you try to act all hard during orientation and welcome week by not participating, not talking to others, not signing up for clubs, etc. You’re more likely to make friends by doing what you love and not paying attention to what other people think.


Eddie will be joining the Rock’s 2015-2016 eboard as an editorial assistant. Check out his writing here!

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