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The Man, the Myth, the Legend: Meet Mike McGee

Straight out of northern New Jersey, Mike McGee, a rising sophomore in the Carroll School of Management, is one of the Rock’s most valuable writers, covering everything in the sports world at BC and outside the bubble. Our own “Heir to Camelot” has been with us since last fall, when he began his freshman year at BC, and now he’s beginning his stint as a member of the eboard. Without further ado, here is a chance for you all to get to know Mike a little better.


Initially, what drew you to writing for the Rock at Boston College?

I researched the major publications over the summer, so I was interested in The Rock when I first arrived at school. I chose it over the Heights or The Gavel because I felt like the freedom they gave their writers would help me to ease into college, but it ended up being my favorite aspect because I never feel constricted.

That’s definitely one of my favorite parts about the Rock, too. While writing for us is really awesome and everything, is there a career out there that you’d consider your dream job?

General Manager of the New York Jets. Doubt anyone who knows me would be surprised.

Oh, I’m sorry to hear you’re a Jets fan. As a way of taking your mind off every mediocre season they’ve had, where in the world would most like to unwind?

I really want to see parts of French Polynesia because it looks unbelievably beautiful, but also I would love to ski the Alps more than anything.

Those are some rather interesting places. Speaking of interesting, what’s the story behind your middle name? Would you change it if you could?

Tully. It’s an old maiden name from my dads (Irish to the max) side. I used to not be a huge fan but I like the uniqueness so no I wouldn’t change it.

Very cool. While we’re on the topic of names, did you ever have an embarrassing screen name or email address?

mtm137nd- I still use that Yahoo email for mostly garbage and some older stuff, so I’m satisfied with it.

That’s good to hear. It’s not like you were coltsfan2407 or something really weird like that…Next question! If you could be in father Leahy’s shoes, what would you be most proud of at BC? What do you think you would improve?

If I were president of BC, I’d be bragging nonstop about the campus’ beautiful architecture and storied hockey program. I’d like to think I could improve the sports facilities a tad and work to grow the endowment making the school even more prestigious.

Yeah, the Plex and Alumni Stadium could really use a facelift in some parts. To end, what is your favorite thing about the Rock?

The best part about The Rock is the freedom to write about whatever the hell I want to. I’ve written football articles that I probably never would’ve got out to the public thanks to The Rock, but I can still touch on more serious matters- or whatever I want.

Bonus Question: Who’s the coolest guy living across the hall from you in Walsh next year?

There’s this kid named Eddie who is living there. He seems pretty cool, I guess.

Good answer. Thanks so much for your time, Mike. We look forward to more of your writings this summer and in the fall once football season starts!

Mike will be joining the Rock’s 2015-2016 eboard as treasurer. Check out his writing here!

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