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The Wolf of Comm Ave: Meet Joey Dorion

As our resident traveler this summer, Joey has been wandering around Europe, occasionally swinging by Dublin, Ireland to keep up with his 10 week long internship. A Californian native and a lover of puppies, Joey likes long walks on the beach (because Cali, duh), wearing his eagle onesie, and eating pie. Joey joined the Rock his freshman year, and has been an active member ever since! He’s excited to use his love of social media and socializing to make waves as the eboard’s new Recruitment/Outreach Officer. So, without further ado, let’s meet Joey!


So, Joey, to start off our interview, here’s the million dollar question; why did you join the Rock?

I joined the Rock after I saw a Facebook post in our class page over Christmas break Freshman year.  I had been wanting to write, but didn’t want to be tied down with the responsibility of writing for one of the other papers.  What the Rock offered was a lot of creative freedom and the ability to make my own schedule and write about what interested me.  I think that has helped me develop as a writer the most, the ability to let the ideas just come instead of working on a deadline all the time.

Good answer, I like to think that’s one of our best qualities. That, and our fabulous eboard. So, as a follow up, what do you think is the best part of being a Rock writer?

I think going to the meetings and seeing new and familiar faces.  The friends that I have made on the Rock come from a very diverse group, and are some pretty amazing people.  Although most of the time it consists of us talking over each other, I love spending an hour every week shouting and making inappropriate comments with Korey.

11774423_1001528866533577_1756200284_nI don’t blame you, we’re a lively bunch, to put it lightly. The meetings are always an interesting experience—in the best way possible, of course. So, next question: what made you pick BC?

I picked BC because I have always loved the city of Boston and the New England area, being a huge history nerd and all.  After eliminating most of the country as a suitable place to go to school, I was really just choosing from New England and looking for a Catholic school, since that was all I’ve ever known.  A couple of friends were already attending BC when I was making my decision, and they had nothing but good things to say when I was making my decision, so I was sold.  The fact that I can wear an eagle costume on game days just makes me all the more sure that I made the right decision.

As a Boston native, I support your choice 100%. Boston is the best place ever. So, to get a little more interesting, Joey, what was your first ever screen name / email address?

I never had a screen name, since my mom was under the assumption that everyone on the internet wanted to kidnap me.  Looks like she was wrong.  And my first email address was just my name.  My first few years online were super boring I guess.

Wow, you really missed out. To make up for that missing bit of your childhood (I mean c’mon, embarrassing screen names are an integral part of growing up!), what Hogwarts house would you want to be in? Which are you actually in?       

I’m going to have to go with the cliché response and say Gryffindor.  Since they are the coolest one and all the interesting stuff happens to them, Harry is in it, and they have a sword.  I think the house I would actually be in would either be Gryffindor or Ravenclaw.  Ravenclaw because I love a good book and always look forward to going back to school.

11751257_1001528649866932_29779392_nYou’re right, it’s totally cliché, but I think it works! You seem like you could be a Gryffindor. Now, what’s your go-to ‘rainy day / sick at home’ movie, and why that one?

My go-to movie when it’s raining (which doesn’t happen in California) or sick (hungover) is going to have to be any of the Star Wars movies, namely Return of the Jedi.  I grew up watching them religiously, had several different colored lightsabers as Christmas and birthday gifts, and own all the movies on DVD.  And I couldn’t be more excited to nerd out hard when the new movie comes out.

I agree, that movie is going to be so awesome.  So, last question; what fictional character has had the greatest influence over the person you are today?

I think the fictional character with the greatest influence in molding who I am today is probably Yoda.  He was always so wise and seemed like the teacher you could go to and talk about life.  The saying “Do or do not, there is no try” is something that I’ve tried to take to heart and make all of my actions an outpouring of everything that I have.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  More importantly though, I’ve had fun doing it and have some pretty decent stories.

A truly devoted Star Wars fan, I see. Well, thank you so much Joey for taking your time to let me chat with you. Can’t wait to properly catch up in the fall (you’re finally free from Coro, how exciting is that??).

Joey will be joining the Rock’s 2015-2016 eboard as an Recruitment/Outreach Officer. Check out his writing here!

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