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Shipping Up to Boston: An Unauthorized Guide to Packing for BC

Packing up my things and buying dorm stuff was a labor of love for me last year. To be honest, I’d love to be able to do it all again for a younger sibling or something. 1909757_10205077714849138_4122986527985944801_nHowever, I am a youngest child and don’t know anyone in the class of 2019. So, in the hopes that someone might benefit, I’m going to try to put this amazing process into article form. My hope is that I might benefit some young Eagle who similarly cares too much about the move-in process. Or who knows that there’s something FYE and ResLife or Target and Bed Bath & Beyond aren’t telling them. Before I establish my high opinion of my packing abilities any further, let me add a disclaimer. This was written by a girl from Iowa who lived on Upper Campus. Proceed with caution.


My failure to predict the future and show restraint really stood out here. I had a delusion I’d need cocktail dresses for all the nonexistent sorority recruitment events and formals. Yes, you should bring a couple nice dresses for Convocation and the odd formal now and then. But you don’t need seven Lilly sundresses and you can skip packing your old homecoming dress. And look at our campus, and maybe reconsider the amount of heels you’re bringing. I realize this isn’t useful for guys, but if you were planning on bringing a ton of tuxedos and ties, maybe don’t.

It’s going to be sunny and nice for maybe three weeks before it gets cold. It won’t warm up again until around mid-April, so trust me when I say you won’t need all those shorts. That being said, people tend to underestimate the winter when they start packing. Suck it up and buy the sleeping bag coat. Go ahead and invest in some sturdy, waterproof winter boots, because you won’t regret it.

It’s pretty common for people to say you’ll need to pack business professional clothes. As an incoming freshman, you seriously will not need it that much (but you will need it, especially in CSOM). I’d stick to just bringing one to two outfits. Make sure you actually like them and they fit, because it kind of defeats the point of power dressing if you hate it.

You cannot pack too many pairs of black leggings. I mean this for girls, but if you’re a guy who can rock black leggings, I respect it. Socks and underwear are another thing to stock up on, as you will want to put laundry off for as long as possible.


Most of this is pretty self explanatory, with twin xl sheets and all . Whether to invest in a good comforter is something I’m kind of torn on myself. If you’re like me, your parents will have you use the same one all four years. It’s good to pick something that you like and that will last. However, if you’re like me, you’re also going to spill everything on it. Your call here.

You’re not going to get away with a foam mattress pad. If you do, you’re going to live in a constant state of fear. Just accept it and buy a featherbed or something.

Dorm Décor, Storage, Etc.

BC tells you that you get a whiteboard, and a lot of the dorms do come with them. That wasn’t the case for Fitzaga. My roommate and I got one anyway, but we could’ve gone without. I spent far too many Sunday mornings erasing the obscenities left by savage youths.

IMG_3672The closets are roomy, but it’s easy to over pack and need extra storage. I loved my plastic drawers. And I wish I’d brought collapsible canvas bins for sweaters and t-shirts. Do not buy an under the bed shoe organizer if you’re even the slightest bit lazy. here’s no room for an over-the-door shoe rack either. I’d also recommend buying the skinny velvet hangers because they take up less room.

I had an adorable gallery wall all planned. But my roommate moved in first. So I got the side with all the shelves and didn’t have as much space for it. It still turned out okay, but don’t get your hopes up. Don’t buy one of those dumb chairs from Target made out of paracord or whatever. I didn’t, but some people went crazy on Target night. Space is such a premium and you don’t want to make your roommate(s) resent you.

This is going to sound like bad advice. But my mom went to the trouble to put together the emergency kit for the backpack BCPD gives you at orientation. And I didn’t open it once. I know some of you might think “but just in case,” but I’m pretty sure BC won’t let you die in the event of an emergency.


My attempts to iron proved unsuccessful, and I ended up using my hair straightener. A lot of guys I know actually iron stuff, so take the iron situation for what you will. Also on the topic of laundry, I bought a hamper with wheels from The Container Store. It was awesome and caused a lot of envy. Also I’m not planning on using Tide Pods this year, which may sound sacrilege to a lot of you. My loads of laundry are usually pretty full, and thus little tide pods goo gets left on stuff and it’s annoying. My sister actually ruined her Patagonia fleece because of Tide Pods. They’re not worth the convenience.

Kitchen/Cleaning Supplies

You are not going to get away with bringing a Keurig. Say it with me: YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GET AWAY WITH BRINGING A KEURIG. Seriously, they will take it, and you will be out $100.

The mini fridge and microwave are both a pretty good idea. You can rent them from BC, but I’m pretty sure you come out on top financially if you just buy it. But I’m also fairly certain the whole thing about them not being able to look in your fridge if you bring your own is a myth. I can’t speak from experience, but if they think there’s alcohol in it, they’re going to check.

As for cleaning supplies, let me implore you to bring a little Swiffer duster. I’ll admit that I did not dust once all year and my side was disgusting and it bothered me but I was too lazy to buy one.

You don’t need a vacuum per se but it does comes in handy. I wouldn’t consider myself a neat freak, but it just makes your room feel that much cleaner. I got a Dirt Devil Vibe and it worked amazingly. Also, another reminder to not be lazy like me: change/clean the filter. And don’t let the wheels get full of hair or whatever (sorry for that disgusting image).

A pitcher for filtered water isn’t necessary in my opinion?!? I know I’m going against everything you’ve heard, but they actually added filtered water dispensers in the dorms. So my advice would be to just get a nice water bottle and use that.

School Supplies

Don’t get carried away here. I’ll admit that I adore school supply shopping (yes, I’m weird). But I’ll also let you know I had a drawer full of binders I didn’t end up using. The one thing I want to emphasize here is to not forget a few notebooks. A lot of people have a fantasy that college students use only their laptops for note taking. Not one of my professors first semester freshman year allowed that. Also, I can guarantee you’ll do better if you take notes by hand. Laptops are distracting.

This obviously isn’t a definitive list so much as a guide. You’re still going to need Advil and granola bars and all that. I’m trying to help you not be the person who shows up with a U-Haul on move-in day. Best of luck with your packing!

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