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The Jester of Reddit: Meet Jack Donovan

As the person in charge of ensuring that we don’t blow our budget on food, I’m very pleased to introduce Jack Donovan, the Rock’s Financial Officer for the 2015-2016 year. Jack is a rising junior in MCAS (I think that’s the acronym, who knows) studying political science. He will be abroad for the fall semester, and I speak for everyone in saying how much we will miss him *sniffle*.   When he’s not preoccupied with Reddit and pretty much every show on Netflix, you can find him in the plex doing a lot of exercise and playing those sports that he loves a lot… with the balls and the nets (is this believable yet?). Since he was gracious enough to take time out of his busy schedule of sportsballing, let’s meet Jack!


So Jack, I know everyone is just dying to know this: What’s the best part of being a Rock writer?

Definitely the groupies. But other than that, I’d say the amazing people I get to work and hang around with. It’s a great environment to float ideas around and collaborate with friends.

This is true, the groupies are a definite perk. Plus I guess the other writers are cool or whatever. Now as any famous person/Rock writer knows, you’re always dealing with other famous people. So, lets say someone famous just walked into your kitchen and asked you to cook them breakfast.  Who would it be and what would you make?

I would make bacon, eggs (sunny side up), pancakes, and toast. I love breakfast, and it’s the only thing I’m really good at making. Plus, everyone knows Matt Damon’s favorite meal is the most important one of the day.

Matt Damon definitely would be a breakfast guy, let’s be honest. It’s a hearty serving of toast that allows him to deliver so many great quotes. Speaking of which, what would you say is your favorite/most influential quote in your life?11827158_10204071966112440_1259837426_o

“For without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods” – Aristotle

I think this is simply one of the truest statements, and it’s definitely influenced many of my life’s decisions. This was also my high school yearbook quote, so I’m sticking to it.

Definitely a solid choice, friends are really what makes the world go round. Plus, you always have to stand by the high school yearbook quote. Hey, Aristotle was from Greece wasn’t he? Would you consider moving there to philosophize, or which country would you choose to live in outside of the U.S.?

As far as I know, probably Canada. I’m going abroad to Norway this fall, so my answer will probably be Norway in 4 months. But I have been to many other countries, and the only one that feels familiar and just “homey” is good ol’ Canadia.

Canada is definitely the home away from home, being our neighbor and everything. I would say the supply of maple syrup and hockey would be more than enough to satisfy any one man. You think you could see yourself eating maple syrup for the rest of your life, or what would be your meal of choice for forever?

The meal I would have made for Matt Damon is definitely something I could live off of forever… I’d have to add some vegetables in there somewhere, but I could make it work.

Vegetables really do add a nice touch to anything in life. Speaking of life (and getting a little personal) if there was one thing you could change about yourself what would it be?

I don’t know…. Maybe my indecisiveness? But actually, I really wish I had better eyesight. My eyesight is really bad, so it would be cool to have 20/20.


Being able to see a whole new world would be pretty cool. But obviously I think you’re perfect the way you are. Let’s end on a light note: which musician would you want to have a comeback and why?

I would LOVE it if Michael Bublé had a comeback. He’s not necessarily outdated, but I want his sweet, sultry voice on the radio more often.

It would be heavenly if his voice was accompanying me driving more often, that’s for sure. Well Jack, thanks a million for sharing with us. Can’t wait to see you in the Spring and properly catch up.

Jack will be on the Rock’s 2015-2016 e-board as Financial Officer.  Check out his writing here 

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