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The Rock’s Resident Baseball Expert: Meet Jake Maestas

Jake Maestas is a man with many titles: “Co-Chief of the Rock,” “Founder of Dumbledore’s Army at Boston College,” “Most Likely to Destroy You in a Conversation About Baseball,” and “Jake.” With Jake prepping to ship up to Boston for his senior year and having just celebrated the most important birthday of his life (his 22nd, when he can finally belt Taylor Swift’s “22” and truly feel every lyric deep down in his heart), we felt there was no better time to pluck from the cornfields of Omaha, Nebraska, and talk to him about life, the universe, and the assassination of Julius Caesar.


Jake, as you know, any good interview begins with casual pleasantries, so let’s start there: how has the summer been treating you? 

My summer has been far busier than I would have expected this past May. I didn’t realize, and I expect most non-seniors don’t either, how big of a transition is needed. This is the last summer that has concrete plans after it, after this it’s into the real world. So this summer has been spent trying to make plans for next year. I took the Law Schools Admissions Test and started filling out applications for law schools.

The LSAT? Well I think we can all guess where this is going now, but can we ask where you see yourself in five years? And, just for fun, how about fifty years?

In five years I should be one year removed from graduating law school. Hopefully with a good job that can allow me to do the things I love while also giving me an opportunity to help people for the better. Kind of a lame answer, but right now I’m more worried about school starting again in less than a week.

Fifty years from now (I’d be 72!) I hope I’m retired and babysitting grandkids. But I could also see myself as a judge somewhere warm or as an elected official in Washington DC.

While you’d like to end up somewhere warm eventually, you mentioned that within the week you’ll be back in Boston, and we’d love to ask about one of your favorite parts of BC: us! Can you tell us your favorite thing about The Rock ?

I think the unlimited nature of it. Anything that I think of I can write, and while I generally write about just a few topics (Taylor Swift, baseball, etc.) the option to just sit down and write is powerful.

Writing might be my favorite form of art and people have their own distinct style. This summer I went back to look at some of my earlier articles, and I was surprised at how much my style has changed and grown. At this point the big thing has probably been confidence in my writing. The Rock helps because it has people who love to read and write, and that helps self-growth.

11948002_10154141130069867_1662061054_nLovely to hear, and with your writing apparently growing, I think we can all assume that your writing will continue to grow until the day you choose to write an autobiography. Could you indulge us with a one-sentence preview of your life’s tale?

“My proudest moment was setting the world record for length of time between eating vegetables, despite family, friends, and my doctor badgering me; eventually my streak fell when I mistakenly took a bite of cauliflower thinking it was mashed potatoes.”

It only makes sense to follow a story of food-related trauma with a tramatic food question: if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

This is actually an insanely difficult question. The food that I can eat the most without getting sick of is a turkey sandwich, but that’s way too boring for the rest of my life. I think the food I’d pick is a cheeseburger. When done right, there are fewer foods that taste as good, and it’s not so exotic that it would get tiring after a few days of eating it.

Speaking of challenging choices, we have to ask one of our hardest questions to answer: in a lip-sync battle, what would be your song choice?

I’m a terrible lip-syncer because I get way into it and end up singing. That being said I think I’d want “Lose Yourself” by Eminem. Realistically I’d be terrible at it, but if someone could do it well I think it would be awesome.

While it seems like you’re passionate about lip-syncing (you must be to start singing!), we’d love to ask about another one of your passions: baseball! If you could create a new baseball franchise, where would they be located, and what would you name them? Why?

Most cities that deserve a baseball team have one. My choice is a little unorthodox, but I’d make a team in Mexico City. If I were feeling more self-indulgent I would say Omaha, Nebraska just so that I could have a hometown team. Realistically, Montreal is probably the most likely to get one, but Canada does already have a team. A team in Mexico City would dominate the market as there aren’t any other major teams nearby and the Hispanic population is high within baseball. It could work.

We’d be the Mexico City Dragons, as a shout out to Aztec mythology (and what’s more fearsome than a dragon?).

11910636_10154141129169867_1402575040_nSpeaking of dragons, Harry Potter! As the founder of BC’s only Harry Potter group, we need to know: what Hogwarts house would you want to be in? And which one do you think you’d actually end up in?

This is a question that is more difficult each time I think about it. As creator of the (unofficial) Dumbledore’s Army at BC, I’ve had to sort many people including myself. I was sorted into Gryffindor, but I definitely see myself more as a Ravenclaw or Slytherin. As long as I can avoid being a Hufflepuff I think I’d be happy.

Segues are weird,so I’m going to skip it and ask a question. We were wondering what the most random or fun Wikipedia article you’ve come across in the last year or so has been?

Some of my favorite Wikipedia articles have been about Roman Emperors. Some of them use murder and war to gain the throne, and then don’t expect it when it happens to them. The most interesting article on Wikipedia I’ve read had to be “The Assassination of Julius Caesar.” I had a skeleton idea of the event and who was involved, but I don’t think I appreciated or understood just what happened.

Supposedly the idea of Democracy drove the over thirty Senators to assassinate him. However, it had the opposite effect, as Octavian, the heir, assumed power and became Emperor of Rome. Caesar’s assassins never actually benefitted from it, and Caesar was later named. To make things more interesting one of them, Brutus, was rumored to be Caesar’s son and at the very least Caesar acted as a fatherly and beneficial influence on him. Which lead to (possibly) some cool final words, “Kai su, teknon?” which means “You too, child?”

I probably enjoy this way too much, but Wikipedia says he was stabbed 23 times, but only one of them would have killed him. He died from blood loss, the information coming from the earliest recorded autopsy. In the end Caesar won, he was named Divus Iulius: Divine Julius.

For our last question, we’d love to have you leave a mark on our audience with something that’s left a mark on you! So, what is your favorite or most influencial quote in your life?

“Either we shall find what it is we are seeking or at least we shall free ourselves from the persuasion that we know what we do not know.” -Plato’s The Republic

Thanks for sitting down and talking Jake, and when you decide to form the Mexico City Dragons, let me know! I want a free hat!

Jake will be leading the Rock’s 2015-16 eboard as co-Editor in Chief. Check out his writing here!

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