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Bison Slaughtered at Boston College

Reagan over Mondale in ’84; the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl 48; the German Men’s national team over Brazil in 2014.  These are some of the biggest blowout wins in recent memory.  Boston College football can now be added to the list.

usa-today-8795587.0In a game that won’t count towards BC’s bowl eligibility, the Eagles thrashed the Bison of Howard 76-0.  That’s right— 76-0.

With eight rushing touchdowns, a pick-six, and touchdown passes by both Darius Wade and Troy Flutie, the Eagles dominated in literally every aspect of Saturday’s game.

The Bison totaled 11 yards of total offense, which gives the Eagles defense the countries number one total defensive ranking in all of college football, by a 104 yard per game average nonetheless.

The blowout started with a 41-0 first quarter lead that saw backups on BC’s offense scoring already.  With a 62-0 halftime score, the Eagles and Bison agreed to shorten the length of the second half to ten minutes, making the total game time played 50 minutes rather than the usual 60.

Everyone on the Eagles roster outperformed whomever he was lined-up against.  The game itself was never even remotely close, and showed the absurdity of BC playing yet another FCS school this season.

Although Howard was never supposed to be an opponent for the Eagles, scheduling mishaps and an unwillingness to play other available opponents led to the game.

Boston College has an enormous test next Friday night, with the top ten ranked Florida State Seminoles coming up to Chestnut Hill for a game that will be on ESPN.  The Seminoles will be big favorites in all books.

One can only hope that the Eagles have a serious week of practice, and don’t overlook the difficulty of their remaining games.  Sometimes these blowouts can be good for a team’s confidence, but sometimes they can result in unnecessary assurance and bad habits.  The Eagles can afford neither, but can at least be satisfied with their utterly dominating performance against Howard on Saturday.

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