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Get Classy with BC Splash

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to teach a class on whatever topic you want? Let’s be honest, unless you’re in Lynch you probably haven’t had the chance to put these ideas into motion, but BC Splash gives you an opportunity to “test the waters” while doing something really cool for our greater-Boston educational community.

Once a semester (this year, it’s November 15th) BC students join together to teach classes to high school students around the area on anything from microwavable cooking to chemistry to comic book characters. The teachers of these programs can choose to teach alone or with a friend, and they get to use a variety of supplies and resources to get the high school and middle school kids who come to campus that day excited about college and learning in general. One of the best parts about this program is getting to share knowledge that you might not typically get to with a group of students you can really have an impact on, even if it’s just for a couple hours out of the semester.

BC Splash 1When asked for the biggest reason why BC students should sign up to teach a Splash class, co-chair Greg Michalowski (who’s been involved with BC Splash since his sophomore year of high school) says, “What’s special about Splash is that anyone can teach a class about what they love. We have teachers from CSOM, MCAS and Lynch teaching all different kinds of things.” I think this really highlights the most awesome thing about this program – BC students get to share their love of a certain topic, no matter how weird or out of the ordinary it may be, with another group of students who is just as excited to hear about this stuff as BC students are to teach it. As Greg puts it, “BC Splash allows these students from around the area to bridge the gap between academics and what their passions are.” It’s so important for high school students to realize that learning doesn’t have to be boring or lame, and you can play a part in that realization through BC Splash this semester.

All in all, BC Splash is definitely a program worth getting involved in this semester. It’s low commitment while still leaving a high impact, it’s your chance to share everything you know about that topic you’re secretly really excited about, and you get to spend a Sunday hanging out with really cool high schoolers who are just starting to learn about college. Plus, you get a free t-shirt…and who doesn’t like free t-shirts? So, dive on into this awesome event…teach, inspire, and have a little fun.

Photo courtesy of Greg Michalowski

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