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MLB Playoff Preview 2015: Crowning a New King

My family has spoken. The second annual Maestas’ Playoff Baseball Prediction has concluded and we know who will win the World Series. This year’s playoffs might be the most exciting in a long time (despite the Red Sox being absent.) Tuesday opens the playoffs with the Houston Astros visiting the New York Yankees. Wednesday follows with the Pittsburg Pirates hosting the Chicago Cubs. Each team has the potential to make a run and win a World Series. Here’s how the Maestas family sees it going down.

American League

This game features one of the better young pitchers this year, Dallas Keuchel, who has been lackluster away from Houston. Masahiro Tanaka is throwing for the Yankees. This should be a tight contest, but I feel that being the home team has some advantages. The Yankees also have two of the best pitchers for late in the game, if they are winning.

My pick: Yankees. My mom, sister, and dad all disagree and take the Astros.

Division Series: Wildcard winner at Kansas City Royals

The Kansas City Royals finished with the best record in the American League; though the last month they tried to give it away. They limp into the playoffs, but were here last year and have only improved. They continue to have a fantastic bullpen and could easily get hot and make a run.

I think the Royals win the series, with my mom and dad in agreement. My sister believes the Astros pull off the upset.

Division Series: Texas Rangers at Toronto Bluejays

Few people predicted the Texas Rangers would be a good team this year, even fewer thought they would win the American League West. They are a sound team that can win a shootout, but also compete in lower scoring games. The Toronto Bluejays were aggressive at the Trade Deadline and it paid off. They pulled off a dominant second half with one of the best offenses in baseball and have an ace in David Price.

My family is in agreement: Bluejays over Rangers.

Championship Series: Rangers or Bluejays at Royals or Wildcard at Rangers or Bluejays

This year’s AL Championship Series has the potential to be one of the most exciting in the last few years. Whichever teams end up making it will need to score a lot of runs to win. I expect a full 7-game series with lots of back and forth. The winner may be the team that can give up the fewest in key situations.

I believe that the Toronto Bluejays will beat the Kansas City Royals, with my dad agreeing and my sister picking the Bluejays over the Astros. Last year my mom correctly picked the Royals winning the AL Pennant and she sees them regaining some of that magic.

National League

Wildcard game: Cubs at Pirates

This could potentially be the most exciting game played this postseason. It’s unfortunate that the teams with the second and third best records in baseball only get one game to see who advances. The Chicago Cubs are incredibly young and are looking to erase a 107-year World Series drought. It helps that Jake Arrieta is pitching for the Cubs. The Pirates were in this exact same situation last year, but lost to eventual World Series Champion the Giants. Gerrit Cole is no slouch and this should be a low scoring game.

My pick is the Cubs, with my dad and sister agreeing. My mom favors the Pirates to do better than last year.

Division Series: Wildcard winner at Saint Louis Cardinals

The Saint Louis Cardinals never looked back once this season started. Despite early injuries to key players and a few roster moves, the Cardinals were the best team in baseball for most of the season. They have a deep lineup and experienced pitching staff; they know how to win and have done a lot of it. Each year they seem poised to compete for a World Series, but fall just short. Maybe this year will be different.

On this we are a house divided: my sister and I take the young Cubs and my parents take the experience Cardinals.

imageDivision Series: New York Mets at Los Angeles Dodgers

The New York Mets are young team that puts most of their success on their robust and sometimes impenetrable pitching staff, though late in the season they put up some gaudy offensive numbers. The Los Angeles Dodgers were the favorites to repeat as NL West Champions and did so fairly easily; they got booted out of the playoffs early last year and look to put up a better showing this year. Behind these pitching staffs expect low scoring games.

None of us appear high on the Dodgers and my family chooses the Mets to move on.

Championship Series: Mets or Dodgers at Cardinals or Wildcard at Mets or Dodgers

Unlike the ALCS, the NLCS will come down to pitching and defense. Each staff has an ace and strong number two, what will win this series is who can get to the third or fourth guy to pitch. The eventual NL Pennant winner will have to stifle threats and get a timely hit. I expect a barrage of low scoring games, but all of them will be close and exciting.

My prediction is Mets over Cubs with my sister agreeing. My dad takes the Mets over the Cardinals. My mom takes the Cardinals over the Mets.

World Series

This World Series has great potential, but also could be horrendously boring. The National League has significantly better depth in the playoffs, with all five teams having over 90 wins, however the American League had better teams that did not make the playoffs. The 100 win Cardinals are the proverbial favorite to win it all, but they face a tougher test than most teams. Anything can happen in the playoffs and surely something unexpected will happen here. Our final predictions of the article and indeed my college career:

I pick the New York Mets over the Toronto Bluejays, and my sister agrees. My dad picks the Bluejays over the Mets. Last but not least, my mom picks the Kansas City Royals over the Saint Louis Cardinals.

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