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SNL Recap 41.1 “Miley Cyrus”

And we’re back! With summer in the rearview, SNL can look ahead to their favorite season: election season. Miley Cyrus got the nod to kick off the season, a somewhat questionable choice but I guess you gotta draw in the young folks somehow. The former Hannah Montana was her usual self, trying too hard to show how wacky she was by talking about weed, thanking her dead pets petz, and dressing like a disturbed 6 year old girl. All in all a pretty standard night. As for the actual show, it was fairly average. Miley has never been a particularly good host and this episode was no exception. The best sketches were when she stepped back from her insane person persona and let the rest of the cast do their thing. Here are some of the highlights:


Cold Opening 

SNL wasted no time strutting out this season’s TRUMP card (lol I hate myself). Taran Killam donned Donald’s golden mane and gave it his all. Unfortunately, this sketch couldn’t live up to it’s incredibly high expectations. You know when your friend goes away for the weekend and you try to recap every single thing you did, but it never lives up to the actual experience? That’s kinda what this sketch felt like. Just bouncing all over the place trying to package Trump’s summer crusade into a 4 minute window, a nearly impossible task. Luckily, Killam’s impression was wonderful, and we can expect great things going forward as the Trump train rolls on.



The monologue started off slow, with Miley donning what I think was a shower curtain, and letting the crowd know that she does, in fact, smoke weed. Nice. Thankfully, she redeemed herself leading us down memory lane as we reminisced over all the summertime superstars. From Rachel Dolezal, to Jared from Subway, all the way to the Entourage movie, there was a lot to cover, but SNL got it done in this clever musical number.


The Squad

SNL has had a lot of success with their Taylor Swift parodies in the past and they kept it rolling with this trailer. It did feel like a bit of a rehashing of “The Beygency” sketch they did last year, but that didn’t make it any less enjoyable to watch. Everyone wants to roll with T-Swift’s squad, and why wouldn’t they? It’s basically just loving cats and being hot. Not sure what more you could ask for in a squad. Kinda funny that they threw out this sketch right in Miley’s face too. She seems stable enough to deal with that sort of thing though, so I’m sure she’ll be fine.


Hillary Clinton Bar Talk 

Hey look, it’s Hillary Clinton! SNL may not have the clout that it once did back in it’s heyday, but it’s impossible to deny their influence on voters during election season and how they perceive the presidential candidates (See Palin, Sarah). It’s always fun to watch politicians come on the show and try to seem hip. In this sketch, real Hillary did a great job playing the straight man to McKinnon’s Hillary. She was able to laugh at herself and even discuss her flip flopping on gay marriage with McKinnon, who is gay. And best of all, we got to see Darrell Hammond’s Bill Clinton, which is always spot on.


Pete Davidson Trumpdate

First off, someone needs to tell Michael Che to unbutton his blazer. Only when you’re standing up, that’s day 1 stuff. Anyways, in terms of the actual segment, Pete Davidson was terrific. Bringing his near perfect comedic timing, Davidson was able to capture the all too familiar feeling that comes with talking politics; you know it’s important but sometimes staying informed feels like eating salad or jogging. It’s just another obligation I’m supposed to fulfill because I’m an “adult” now. Davidson’s nonchalant delivery perfectly matched his political ramblings, making it feel like you were just having a conversation with your buddy, as opposed to watching someone perform.


A Few More Thoughts

Hey SNL, maybe ease back on the Hillary 2016 stuff. At least try to pretend you’re unbiased. Along with the Hillary cameo, the majority of the Weekend Update jokes either consisted of attacks on Bernie, Biden and Trump, or talking about Hillary’s inevitable presidency. At one point, Colin Jost straight out said Hillary’s already won. Let’s hope the writers strive to be a tad more subtle going forward.


Lost in the midst of Miley’s antics was the fact that a new cast member debuted. Jon Rudnitsky is a 25 year old comedian from New Jersey. His stand up is decent, but nothing to get excited over. Let’s hope he can find his niche and score some big time roles this election season. 
See you next week, when the lovely Amy Schumer comes to 30 Rock with musical guest, The Weeknd!

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