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SNL Recap 41.2 “Amy Schumer / The Weeknd”

After a solid showing last week, SNL returns with the hottest comedian in the game right now: Amy Schumer. With an HBO special coming out next week, Schumer has just exploded in the past year. Personally, I’ve never been too big a fan of her stand up—way too raunchy just for the sake of being raunchy. However, nobody’s a better talk show guest than her and I love listening to her stories of life in Hollywood. She’s a tremendous stage presence and that translated to her SNL performance. No stranger to the sketch comedy game, her show Inside Amy Schumer winning an Emmy this year for Outstanding Variety Series, Schumer thrived playing a variety of wacky characters, really meshing with the whole crew. Overall, it was an energetic, enjoyable show to watch, so let’s look at the highlights.



Monologues are always hit or miss. Whether it be songs, questions from the audience, different characters, so much of the monologue is dependent on the host and their comfort level opening the show. But when a comedian like Amy Schumer comes to town, you can always expect their stand up to do well. This week was no exception, with Schumer giving a solid 8 minutes of standup, covering everything from body image, sexuality, and her brushes with fame. And while some of her jokes felt a little overly raunchy just for the sake of being raunchy, Schumer’s cool and collected cadence made it an overall enjoyable monologue and set the show off on the right foot.


Porn Teacher

Kyle Mooney was terrific in this sketch, really nailing the whole pornstar vibe. But as good as Mooney was in acting Aidy was the real star of the show. No one plays the innocent little girl better than her. She really brought out Schumer and Mooney’s absurdities, making a relatively weak premise a lot of fun to watch.


Hands Free Selfie Stick


The pre recorded commercials really killed it this week. Unlike the Millennials sketch from last week, this sketch was a much more subtle, more effective jab at the absurdities of the 21st century. It’s hard to find the distinguish where shock humor crosses over to just being gross, but the writers did a great job and pushing the envelope just enough to simultaneously evoke laughter and horror in this wonderful piece of satire.



SNL coming in hot with their first of three different attacks on gun laws in the US. It was a little surprising for them to dig their heels in like this, as SNL usually stays pretty quiet on these types of issues. Regardless, it was a nice statement coming after two more horrific school shootings since last week’s episode. With guns so accessible nowadays, they’re just becoming a norm in everyday life, regardless how absurd or unnecessary the situation may appear.


Weekend Update

guns weekend update

Hey, the Weekend Update was actually pretty good this week! In his time as Update host, Jost has often been criticized as being too stiff and uptight to be an effective anchor. That was definitely not the case this week, as he brought a playful demeanor that he brings in his stand up routines. Along with going over the weekly headlines, the Update duo kept it fresh bantering back and forth, offering a punny Weeknd Update, as well as welcoming a new character to the desk. Once again, SNL went back at the issue of gun violence, softening the insightful opinions with jokes about Jost as the nerdy white guy. Overall, it’s just nice to see Update get into a rhythm after being so on and off last season.


A Few More Thoughts

Where has Sasheer Zamata been? She had a minimal role on the 10-1 sketch this week but other than that, she’s nowhere to be found. She’s really came into her own last season so it’s a shame she’s had such a minimal role so far. Expect her to get some screen time next week.

Donald Trump is hosting November 8th. That is all.

See you next week when SNL alum Tracy Morgan makes his return to 30 Rock with musical guest Demi Lovato.

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