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SNL Recap 41.3 “Tracy Morgan / Demi Lovato”

He’s alive! Sixteen months after a horrific car accident that nearly took his life, Tracy Morgan returned to 30 Rock to host what was a spectacular show. There were lot of questions going around about whether he was okay, if he was still the same Tracy, if he could handle performing live sketch comedy. Well, he confidently put to rest any doubts about his status on Saturday night. I’ll be honest, SNL has not been very good so far. Sure, there’s been a couple good sketches here and there, but there hasn’t been an overall great episode; that is until Saturday. The whole show was a mix of political satire, goofy sketches, as well as some old classics that all tied together into the best episode of the season. Almost every sketch last night could have been a highlight. I chose five. Take a look.


Cold Opening  

This is the sketch everyone was talking about. We got our first real taste of the democratic candidates and it was pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good. Kinda crazy how Larry David and Bernie Sanders are pretty much the same person. David nailed his accent, his mannerisms, his ideas, and even threw in some Curb observational humor for good measure. I don’t care how much it costs, SNL needs to rent Larry for the season because no one else on the cast can even come close to that good of an impression. Alec Baldwin’s impression was pretty funny too; just a great job all around.



After pretending to be mentally handicapped, Tracy’s monologue gave way to a 30 Rock reunion, with Tina Fey, Jane Krakowski, Alec Baldwin, and Jack McBrayer all making appearances. Still baffling that this show ended while Heroes got a reboot. Regardless, it was a lot of fun to see Jack, Liz and the whole gang reunited. Like Tracy said, these people are his family and I’m sure to have their love and support really meant a lot to him.


Yo! Where Jackie Chan at Right Now? 

This is one of those sketches that only works because of Tracy Morgan. Starts off just incredibly stupid and it just sticks with it, which you have to respect. That’s not to say there’s no truth to the premise, though. I was honestly a little rattled when they said Jackie Chan isn’t in Asia. Where else would he be? Does that mean Yao Ming isn’t in Asia? Lot of questions, not a lot of answers.


Family Feud Extended Family

When this first started, I assumed it was gonna be the same overused excuse for everyone to show off their best impressions. But then they revealed the premise of the sketch and it was completely different from anything they’ve done before. Maybe having Larry David on set inspired the writers to pick up that painfully awkward Curb mentality. Whatever the reason, this was a refreshingly entertaining sketch, only made better by Tracy and Leslie’s interactions, as well as Kenan’s trademark surprised facial expressions.


Mitchell’s Fake Cocaine


From the Set: Tracy Morgan and Demi Lovato

Nothing worse than having to go poop at a party. A night ruiner for sure. That’s why I think this is a product we could all get behind. But the best thing about this commercial was it’s cleverness, going a step further with the fake poop spray. Beck is just a terrific straight man, acting tough to impress his friends, while simultaneously teaching the views about his product. He hasn’t had much success on live sketches so far, but it seems like in every pre-recorded sketch he kills it.


A Few More Thoughts

This week, Colin Jost got demoted from head writer, a position that he has held since 2012. I’d assume this would be to let him focus more on Update material, which has definitely been lacking since Seth Meyers left.

November 7th. Trump is coming #MakeSNLGreatAgain

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