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Single to Watch: “Can’t Get Enough Of Myself”

Maybe I’m jaded, or maybe it’s the cynic in me, but my honest first impression of this song was that it had to be a joke or a satire of some sort. In the age of the selfie, how could anyone proclaim “I can’t get enough of myself” in a hit single without a hint of irony? The fact that I am suspicious of this groovy anthem of self-love is somewhat of an issue in and of itself because the purpose of this song is actually to inspire self-esteem, not to mock it.

One thing I will comsantiment on is the album art, which is fantastically kitschy. It’s an image of the artist Santigold herself in a 99 cent shrink-wrapped bag filled with random junk from her life. The artist told Rolling Stone, “Everything is a product at this point, including people and relationships, and everything’s about marketing products. So, I’m a product. And also, everything is undervalued, so I thought 99 cents is a good price for me and my life and all my hard work.” I couldn’t agree more because Santigold is an absolutely underrated artist.

Born Santi White, Santigold is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her new wave style is largely inspired by reggae, jazz, and African beats. Since 2008, she has only released two full-length albums: Santigold and Master of My Make-Believe. Her newest album, 99¢, is expected to drop in early 2016, about four years after the release of her previous album in 2012. If you want to hear more from Santigold, start off with “Disparate Youth,” “Shove It,” “Lights Out,” “Creator,” “The Keepers,” “GO!” and “L.E.S. Artistes.”

However, the single is something different, a new Santigold. My favorite line from the single issantiiii

“All I wanna do is what I do well
Ain’t a gambler but honey I’d put money on myself”

because it’s so complacent that it borders on hilarious, at least in my mind.

The saccharine backup vocals chime in every once in a while with the lyric

“Living my life in a fantasy
Living my life in my melody”

because it’s just as true as the fact that Santi “can’t get enough” of herself, which she makes sure to repeat several times throughout the entirety of the chorus.

I appreciate how “Can’t Get Enough Of Myself” adds a groovier flavor to Santi’s repertoire, but I can’t say I prefer it to classic Santigold. “Disparate Youth” is one of my favorite songs ever, and I’m not sure if I’m ready to depart from that style of Santigold to a newer, pop-infused style. But after nearly four years of waiting for a new album, I’ll welcome pretty much any style of music Santigold has to offer.

If Santigold tickles your fancy, be sure to check out more music from M.I.A., Sleigh Bells, LCD Soundsystem, Miike Snow, Metric, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

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