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SNL Recap 41.5 “Matthew McConaughey / Adele”

After a 14 year hiatus, Matthew McConaughey returned to host Saturday Night Live. He strolled in with no agenda. Wasn’t trying to promote anything. Wasn’t trying to impress anyone.  Just hosting for the love of the game. It’s something that doesn’t happen very often but when it does, you can feel it throughout the show. McConaughey seemed to have a lot of fun playing a bunch of silly characters, and overall, put together a pretty solid show. But you didn’t need me to tell you that. I mean, we had one of the coolest guys in showbiz backed by the songbird of our generation. What more could you ask for in a night?

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Oh yeah… uh… well anyways, let’s get on with the show!  


Thanksgiving Miracle 

With all the craziness happening around the world, SNL is here to remind us that despite even our most strongly held beliefs, we can all agree on one thing; Adele is the queen and she has more talent in one of her pointy nails than the rest of us do in our entire bodies. I mean just listen to her! Now I’m not saying that Adele is the solution to all this injustice in the world right now, but at the same time, I’m not saying she’s not.




Damn, that was pretty much the coolest monologue ever. I mean “Welcome to the zoo, we are the monkeys.” Who says that?? I wouldn’t be surprised if that wasn’t scripted and the writers just kinda told McConaughey to exist for four minutes.  Listening to him tell stories is such a simple, laid back monologue but at the same time really satisfying. Just McConaughey doing McConaughey things.


Fox & Friends Syrian Refugee Crisis


After last week’s wonderful opening to the victims of Paris, SNL had another international story to address this week. An intricate story that opposes moral responsibility against protection of the great good. It’s heavy stuff, but who better to diffuse the situation than the Fox News team? I think at this point they’ve opened with this like a thousand times, but with the Black Friday footage as well as Jay Pharoah’s A+ Ben Carson impression, the sketch felt fresh and enjoyable to watch.


Weekend Update


Although McConaughey’s hosting stint was pretty average, Update was electric this week. Jost stepping down from head writer has been one of the best moves this season, because Update has stepped up big time these past few weeks. The jokes are spot on, the chemistry between Jost and Che is palpable, and even the Update guests are more enjoyable to watch. The Update MVP honors go to Kenan Thompson’s Big Papi this week, who ran Jost through his retirement plans. Overall, Weekend Update is approaching a level that it hasn’t hit in years so let’s hope they can keep it up and return to their status as SNL’s powerhouse.


Star Wars Auditions 

These screen reel sketches are, in my opinion, a much better way to showcase the cast’s best impressions. Now I’ve never seen any Star Wars movies so I feel like I couldn’t totally appreciate this sketch, but based on Twitter’s reaction, it was received pretty well. My favorite part of the sketch was George Lucas floating around set asking for Coke Zeros. I know nothing about Lucas but I feel like if your brain can create a kind of world like the Star Wars world, you’re probably a pretty weird dude.


A Few More Thoughts

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