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The Rock Staff Presents: “How’s School Going?”

Thanksgiving is a time for food, family…and awkward questions. Come on, how many times can we be expected to explain why we’re still single, or what we plan on doing with our degree? Here, the Rock staff sounds off on that most dreaded of all questions: “How is school going?”


“The question isn’t how school’s going, Aunt Susan, but where? Do you know where the education system in America is going? Because I don’t, especially in this economy. Could you pass the string beans please?” – Daniela Benitez ’19

thanksgiv-day“I want to say that it’s going well, because I’ve made friends and joined some clubs that haven’t rejected me, but since the whole college grading system is dependent on a system of competitive memorization and pitting students against one another, I have no idea if I’ve actually learned anything yet. At least I know that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell!” -Marissa Hollyer ‘19

“School is going great! I’ve learned so many neat skills, like how to sleep with the lights on, how to deal with getting rejected from almost every club I applied to, how to sit in the library without moving a muscle for seven hours straight, and even how to bottle up the soul crushing realization that I have absolutely no idea who I am or what I want to do with my life! At least my tuition money is going to excellent use. There’s practically a new lawn at BC every single day! Probably the most important lesson I’ve learned so far, besides how to kiss a** and network on LinkedIn as a first-semester freshman, is that appearances are everything.” -Trish Rodican ‘19

charliethanksgiving“School is going really well. I can totally balance two majors, extracurriculars, finding an off-campus house, finalizing study abroad plans, and having a semblance of a social life without any problems. Also, having only $250 left on my meal plan is totally normal at this point in the semester and not stressful at all. No, Mom…I’m not crying. Did you slip jalapeños into the stuffing?” – Caroline Lewis ‘18

“I’m really starting to hit my stride here at BC! It’s so exciting to finally be able to say that most of my stress is major-related these days, and I’ve really started to mature now that I’m a sophomore who can swipe myself into Walsh. Not only that, but now that I have a job on campus, I’m also able to support my takeout habit!” – Grace Rice ‘18

“I mean, I’m pretty sure GPA is determined by number of classes dropped, times I’ve switched my major, and mental breakdowns. So in that area I think I’m absolutely killing it this semester, probably have like a 13.0. Oh, social life? Twitter and Facebook eat up most of my time; I have like 1,200 friends and 700 followers, because who needs real people anyways. But honestly, as unreal as all those previously mentioned accomplishments are, I think the fact that I haven’t been sent to the insane asylum (I think it’s called BU? not really sure to be honest) is the most impressive part of the semester so far… Are you going to finish that piece of pie?” – Korey Ryan ‘18

“Oh, it’s actually going really well; I’ve only had to pull five panicked all-nighters thus far! It’s been a really productive semester, and I can feel myself improving as a student so much. Literally, for one of my courses, I have been to every. single. class! If that’s not crazy then I don’t know what is.” -Saidhbhe Berry ‘17

autumn-5“Now that I can legally drink, school is going pretty darn good actually.  Not having to constantly harass other people to buy me crappy beer has been a major plus, and I feel like such a BAMF walking into 90 with a 12-pack of pumpkin beer.  Also, I’m not failing any of my classes now, although that’s probably because I’m studying stuff no one cares about. If anyone has a real burning passion to know more about the demise of the Soviet Union, hit me up.” – Joey Dorion ‘17

“I love school so much that I’m going to do three more years! Any possible shred of sanity will probably be gone by then, which is good because sanity is overrated.  Who has more fun, the sane person who goes from assignment to assignment with enthusiasm thinking the miasma will disappear after one more, or the insane one that embraces it and no longer bothers?” – Jake Maestas ‘16

“School is great! It feels like just yesterday I was starting kindergarten; now I’m almost a second-semester senior in college, and it feels like I’m just staring into the great dark abyss of adulthood and real life. I’m so excited for everything ahead!!!” -Melissa Warten ‘16

All sarcasm aside, the Rock staff wishes you and yours a happy and healthy Thanksgiving holiday! We are so grateful for all of our readers.


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