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Music That Rocks: ‘Twas the Night Before Finals

As we all recover from our Thanksgiving food comas, we realize finals season will soon be upon us.
We frantically hit the library with a fever, and ask teachers “What Do You Mean?” more than Justin Bieber.
The students all snug in their foam mattress-pad beds, as visions of good curves dance through their heads.
With one final on Monday, one the day after that, the poor student settles in the corner of Bapst.
As his fingers flew fast across the Macbook keyboard, a finished essay is what he worked toward.
When into his headphones streamed a song, to pump up a night that would be too long.
From there the jams were never-ending, and his study vibes started ascending.
As he hummed along to beats that were oh so tight, he thought, “These weeks will be rough, but I’ll put up a fight.”

Get pumped for finals with our bangin’ playlist below!


Alive – Sia

“If you don’t consider Sia as having one the most powerful and versatile voice, you should. This song is a perfect example of it. Written with Adele, this song is perfect for the finals grind. ‘No hope, just lies … But I survived.’ Sia is able to perform this powerfully and with emotion, and it perfectly conveys the struggle that ultimately becomes a victory. Good luck with finals.” -Jake Maestas ‘16

Jungle – X Ambassadors, Jamie N Commons

“If finals are the jungle, I’ll be the kid getting mauled by a couple of jaguars before I even take a single step into its depths. Before I get too gory I’ll make it short and sweet–this will most likely not go well. Nevertheless…won’t you, follow me, into the jungle?” -Korey Ryan ‘18

We Won’t Sleep – Handsome Ghost

“I’ve been in love with this group ever since I heard them open for X Ambassadors this summer, and I couldn’t think of a song more fitting for finals, given the fact we probably won’t be sleeping. Somehow this song manages to feel light and dreamy while incorporating lyrics that hit way too close to home, e.g. ‘Out for weeks you look like hell.’ I’m into it.” -Grace Rice ‘18

Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

“It’s a classic, we all know and love it (and if you don’t agree then you have officially proved that wrong opinions do exist!) and it can get you totally pumped up for literally anything ever. It’s the best, I study with it all the time.” -Saidhbhe  Berry ‘17

I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) – The Proclaimers

“Channel your inner Marshall Eriksen or Ted Mosby with this classic jam from the late ‘80’s. This song will play for hours and hours, and soon you won’t even be able to tell when it ends or starts again. Picture yourself sitting in the library at 4 AM holding back tears and screams of frustration when suddenly you realize that if this guy can walk 500 miles to get with a girl he’s into, you can finish typing this essay.” – Caroline Lewis ‘18

“Work This Body” – Walk the Moon

“I worship ‘Shut Up and Dance,’ but I also don’t think it’s all Walk the Moon has to offer– ‘Work This Body’ is reserved for my finals-week dance breaks. Best lyric? ‘Yeah, I’m a workaholic and I swear, I swear / one day I will beat you fair and square.’ Nothing like a little ego boost to get you through exams, am I right?” -Melissa Warten ‘16

Love Yourself – Justin Bieber

“‘My momma don’t like you and she likes everyone’.  Tell finals how you and your family really feels toward them with this fall’s hottest diss-track!  The smooth acoustic vocals of JB will trick you into studying, but for those frequent mental lapses- the absolute fire that Biebs spits toward (Selena/your old love interest/finals week/the bad chicken fingers you got at late night last Friday after a rager in Walsh) will motivate even the feeblest of studiers.” -Mike McGee ‘18

Don’t Wanna Fight – Alabama Shakes

“While the lyrics of this song imply that I’d like to give up on my finals already, ‘Don’t Wanna Fight’ gives me enough motivation to fight (and study (and binge-watch How to Get Away with Murder)) another day. Alabama Shakes has graced us with this quintessential bluesy rock song that is sure to boost your spirits with enthusiastic vocals and soulful guitar riffs. The song also snagged two Grammy nominations on Monday for Alabama Shakes out of their four total nods, including Album of the Year for Sound & Color.” – Edward Byrne ‘18

Menswear – The 1975

“So this song is just instrumental for a half, and then the other half devolves into British words that I can barely understand.  Kind of like finals.  But after some hardcore internet investigating (also like finals) I have come to finally understand what it is they’re saying.  They’re talking about a wedding that’s going down the toilet, and are figuring out how to fix it.  Eventually they just kind of say “screw it” and decide to do whatever it is they want to do.  Also like finals, but in a totally indie hipster cool guy sort of way.  And who doesn’t want that.” – Joey Dorion ‘17


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