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Music That Rocks: Holly Jolly Christmas

We all have finals to (not) study for, so let’s make this short like elves and sweet like candy canes. On the 7th day of Rock Christmas, the Rock staff gave to me:

7 Unreal articles
6 New England Classics
5 Cool stickeerrrssss (seriously they’re cool, you should get one)
4 Years of writing
3 new ways to procrastinate (read this, listen to the songs, start looking up other Christmas songs)
2 Decent co-chiefs
And a playlist for while I decorate the treeeeeeee.
Or ski
Or drink tea
Or eat a cookie
Or whatever it is people like to do for winter break that fits into this damn Christmas song.

Have a lovely end of finals week and an even better winter break everyone!


“Auld Lang Syne” – Straight No Chaser
“This is a very underrated holiday song, and there’s no one better than Straight No Chaser to give it the Christmas love it deserves. It’s revamped into a really beautiful, jammable holiday standard, perfect for background music while drinking some cocoa with family and friends. Plus the vocals are so yummy you forget it’s all a capella.” – Melissa Warten ‘16


“Greatest Time of Year” – Aly & AJ
“Let’s be real, not only is this song an absolute jam, but it also combines a few of my (*everyone’s) favorite things: it’s a throwback, it’s a Christmas song, and it’s a Disney Channel classic. Maybe Disney Channel classics don’t make anybody’s top ten all time fave songs, but you can’t deny that they are always fun to sing along to.” – Saidhbhe Berry ‘17


“Christmas In Iowa” – Mulberry Lane

“I generally don’t love Christmas music (please don’t kill me), but ‘Christmas In Iowa’? ‘Christmas in Iowa’ is different. This completely and beautifully embodies each and every aspect of the holiday season of my childhood in the American heartland. We don’t have a Rockefeller tree, no. Things around here are just ordinary. You don’t have to be from Iowa to feel the emotion behind those words. I cry every time.” – Grace Rice ‘18


“Away in a Manger” – Libera
“‘Away in a Manger’ without question is the ultimate Christmas song.  I may be biased in this statement, however, since it is actually my favorite song of all time.  My one and only criticism of it is that its concept limits it to such a short and select time frame that is the Christmas season.  Please take advantage of this brief window where it is socially acceptable to appreciate such a well-constructed song delivered by the soothing angelic voices of choir children.  I know I will.” -Caroline Purtill ‘18


“Under the Mistletoe” – Justin Bieber
“I know everyone is probably extremely tired of hearing about Justin Bieber, but hear me out on this one. I don’t know if I’m just sick with Bieber Fever (and also maybe E.Coli…thanks, Chipotle), but I just can’t stop playing this song this year. Even if my New Year’s plans will probably include watching Netflix and eating chocolate alone, this song gives me hope that someday Justin Bieber will sweep me off my feet and pay for my college loans.” – Caroline Lewis ‘18


“All I Want For Christmas Is You” – Mariah Carey

“If you don’t think this is the single greatest Christmas song in the history of everything, well then I don’t think I want to know you in all honesty. Easily the ultimate jam because what the hell else can top this? The answer is nothing. ABSOLUTELY. NOTHING.” – Korey Ryan ‘18


“What Christmas Means To Me” – Stevie Wonder
“This song is like a bouncing, jolly jitterbug – it has enough jingle bells and boppin’ beats to get you dancing. And that saxophone solo though. I probably have heard this on the radio many times, and I also heard this song in my favorite Christmas movie of all time: Elf. It’s a quick Christmas song that talks about fun and being grateful for the people who bring us joy, and as Phyllis from The Office says, ‘We love Stevie Wonder.'” – Kyle Donohue ‘17


“God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/We Three Kings” – Barenaked Ladies feat. Sarah McLachlan
“This is the only Christmas song I regularly listen to throughout the year, and there’s a good reason. Barenaked Ladies captures the timeless late 90s/early 2000s sound that is totally not douchey like every other artist from their genre. ‘God Rest’ is an upbeat, acoustic spin on the centuries-old Christmas carol that incorporates the refrain of ‘We Three Kings’ seamlessly. In doing so, they combine the stories of the shepherds and the Three Kings on their way to meet Jesus in the manger (aww). Also, Sarah McLachlan sings some backup vocals and a couple of solo verses with her stellar voice.” – Edward Byrne ‘18


Don’t forget to check out our Music That Rocks Spotify playlist! The Rock staff wishes you and yours a merry and musical Christmas season.


Photo courtesy of Edward Byrne ’18

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