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A Ranking of “The Office” Christmas Episodes

My favorite show of all time is The Office. I could actually go on about why for approximately forever, but I’ll just say that I’ve watched every episode at least five times, imagine myself doing the Fun Run Race for the Cure every time I’m on the treadmill, use Michael’s “that’s what she said” in daily conversation whenever possible, and drink coffee out of a “World’s Best Boss” mug. It’s a happy coincidence that my favorite holiday of the year is Christmas, and The Office has certainly done its fair share of Christmas specials. I’m going to rank them here based on enjoyability and how many times I could watch them consecutively in one sitting while successfully avoiding responsibility.

  1. rs_560x380-141223104550-1024.the-office-holidaysClassy Christmas (Season 7)

Best Quote – “In the end, the greatest snowball isn’t a snowball at all. It’s fear. Merry Christmas.” – Dwight Schrute

Honesty, I’m not a huge fan of this episode. It’s not very memorable, I don’t like seeing Holly with someone besides Michael, and Toby ends up taking a leave of absence. Dwight and Jim’s snowball fight is over the top. The only redeeming part of this episode is the comic book that Pam makes Jim, which is really nicely worked into the plot.

  1. Moroccan Christmas (Season 5)

Best Quote – “As it turns out, you can’t just check someone into rehab against her will. They have to do it voluntarily. They have to hit rock bottom. So I think I know what I need to do at this point. I need to find ways to push Meredith to the bottom. I think I can do it. I did it with Jan.” – Michael Scott

This episode is packed with heavy plot, lots of alcohol, even more Princess Unicorn dolls, and Andy’s really annoying sitar. Don’t get me wrong, I love this episode; Meredith’s hair catching on fire and her resulting trip to the rehab center is one of the funniest moments of the series. I just felt like there was almost too much plot happening for a Christmas episode. Dwight’s monopolization of the Princess Unicorn franchise gets a little annoying, and the fact that Phyllis opens her mouth about Angela and Dwight’s affair seems to happen really quickly and for the wrong reasons.

  1. Secret Santa (Season 6)

Best Quote – “You can’t yell out, ‘I need this, I need this’ as you pin down an employee on your lap.” – Jim Halpert (to Michael)

The “Secret Santa” episode operates under a kind of sad premise: it is discovered in the beginning that David Wallace will be selling Dunder Mifflin. Besides this, though, this episode is hysterical and one of my favorites. Phyllis and Michael fighting to the death for rights to the official office Santa is really funny, and the whole Oscar/Matt setup by Pam is a good secondary plot. Both Andy and Erin annoy me to no end, so I’m not even going to say anything about their 12 Days of Christmas besides saying that The Rock did a much better job.

  1. Christmas Party (Season 2)

Best Quote – “Presents are the best way to show someone how much you care. It is like this tangible thing that you can point to and say, ‘Hey man, I love you this many dollars worth.’” – Michael Scott

Since this was the first Christmas episode ever done by The Office, it’s always going to hold a special place in my heart. Jim’s gift to Pam for the Secret Santa turned Yankee Swap is the cutest and most heartfelt thing I’ve ever seen, and this was the first episode where I really started supporting their relationship. Meredith’s drunk antics amuse me, as usual, and the episode ends with her flashing Michael, as all good Christmas parties at the office should end.

  1. tumblr_mxvmy1ePh91si8rb9o1_500A Benihana Christmas (Season 3)

Best Quote – “Are you going to tell me that Stevie Wonder he doesn’t love his wife just because he’s not sure what she looks like?” – Michael Scott

Finally, for my favorite Christmas special, I had to choose “A Benihana Christmas.” I always love watching Michael screw up his romantic relationships, and this one just takes the cake. Not only does he Photoshop himself into his girlfriend Carol’s Christmas picture at the ski slopes, he also ends up forgetting which waitress he brought back from the Benihana restaurant and ends up marking her arm with a Sharpie with the rationale, “You know how all waitresses look alike.” My favorite part of this episode is actually the end, when Michael sits down with Jim and laughs about his “rebound relationship,” while Jim opens up a little about his feelings towards Pam. Also, this episode includes the legendary “bros before hoes” speech, so how can you not enjoy it?

Well, there you have it. I’ve successfully wasted approximately 4 hours re-watching these episodes instead of studying for finals. Thanks, NBC. I hope everyone’s Christmas is filled with Angela singing an off-key rendition of Little Drummer Boy, free iPods from a twisted game of Yankee Swap, and all-inclusive trips to Sandals Jamaica courtesy of Michael Scott.

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