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SNL Recap 41.8 “Chris Hemsworth / Chance the Rapper”

First off, quick apology for missing the last week’s SNL. Not sure how it happened but I just completely missed that there was an episode. Didn’t see anything online, didn’t hear anything about it. Went a whole week completely oblivious to the fact that Ryan Gosling hosted last Saturday. I don’t know who you want to blame it on, be it me, finals, a poor NBC social marketing team; that’s for the readers to decide. The good news is that Chris Hemsworth is basically just a bigger, Australian Ryan Gosling so if anything I’m doing you a favor. And despite a couple hiccups, Hemsworth was able to live up to his terrific hosting stint only 9 months ago. He was just as cool and confident as ever, managing to hold down the fort until Tina, Amy and the Boss burn down 30 Rock. So let’s put off studying for finals a little longer and take a look at the highlights.

George W. Bush Cold Open  

At this point, pretty much everything Will Ferrell does is hilarious. The man could find the humor in my accounting textbook. That being said, there’s nothing like the classics and Ferrell’s George W impression is an all time classic. And to have him just roast the entire Republican GOP was perfect, and not to mention eye opening. I mean, it’s a little concerning when Ferrell’s Bush is playing the straight man to a group of people who could legitimately run our country for the next few years, no? Politics.



In his last monologue, Chris brought out the whole Hemsworth gang in a simple but solid monologue. This time, Hemsworth seemed a lot more comfortable, leaving the stage and assuming the role as oblivious, but lovable dick. It was the perfect role for him to play, punching and teasing every cast member in sight (aside from Leslie Jones). And maybe it’s just the SNL fanboy in me but I always love to see the backstage hallways of Studio 8H (Reading that sentence back it’s definitely just the SNL fanboy in me). Also, I love when Che bullies Jost. A nerd can’t change his stripes.


Star Wars Toy Commercial

Speaking of nerds! Now, I’m not very well versed in the whole Star Wars phenomenon seeing as I’ve never seen the movies, but to see how big a role it plays in our culture is baffling. We have this set of movies from almost 40 years ago that has a legit grown ass man protecting these toys like they’re a set of nuclear codes. And you just look at them in all their plastic, boxed up glory. Just unbelievable. Anyways, in terms of the actual sketch, I thought Moynihan and Killam were terrific. SNL has done pretty well the past two seasons with their Star Wars parodies. Expect to see a couple more before this season ends.


Time to Bleed

From the Set: Chris Hemsworth and Chance the Rapper

Something about SNL and cop shows just always seems to work (tbt to Dyke and Fats). This time, Hemsworth plays the role of the hunky, meathead cop who refuses to treat his bullet wound. He was totally in his element in this sketch and delivered some hilarious pick up lines throughout the whole sketch. Not to mention the sight gag just got more fun to watch as his injury got worse and worse. We haven’t seen Zamata really kill a solo role this year but her reaction at the end of the sketch wrapped the whole story up nicely.


Weekend Update


I don’t know what’s changed on the Update team but they have been electric the past month. Che and Jost are really playing off each other well and their jokes are biting enough to elicit a few “ooo’s” from the crowd every week. This week they especially went in on Trump, an opportunity they haven’t fully seized yet given how much joke fodder he provides. Maybe now that he’s hosted they don’t need to filter themselves as much. What was different about this week’s jokes on Trump was that they as insightful as they were funny. Addressing Trump’s recent racist comments, Jost and Che actually picked Trump apart, identifying him as more of a shameless opportunist feeding off what his audience wants to here. Really interesting stuff, that’ll only get better as Trump keeps running and talking and just being Trump in general.


A Few More Thoughts

It wouldn’t be a complete review of this show if I didn’t mention Chance’s performance. Chance the Rapper made history when he performed on Saturday, becoming the first independent artist to perform on SNL. This is impressive in itself but the fact that he absolutely killed his two songs are even more impressive. If you get a chance, check out his rendition of Sunday Candy. Slowing down an originally upbeat, fast paced song, Chance kept it simple, sitting on a stool giving a soulful ballad on the importance of spending time with family. It’s no surprise that he’s one of the hottest rappers out there right now.

If you don’t watch next week’s SNL live you’re a fool, plain and simple. Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and the Boss will most likely give us the best SNL episode in the history of SNL. Not trying to overhype it, just being honest.

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