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The Rock at BC: Christmas Letter

Dear family, friends, roommates of friends, and all those who thought The Rock at BC was a page of geological information from prehistoric times:

As the holidays approach and 2015 draws to a close, our staff wanted to drop you a line and tell you all about our amazing successes and glorious achievements this year! We certainly kept busy and had tons of fun, and are so looking forward to this holiday season.

APTOPIX Winter WeatherOur senior class did big things in 2015. Melissa Warten spent the first half of 2015 readjusting to America after a semester abroad, and found that America had a miserable tendency to be a frozen wasteland of snow and ice. Wait, did someone say “wasteland”? Ah yes, in case you’re one of the (blessed) few who hasn’t been privy to her complaints and library isolation habits, Melissa spent her second half of 2015 writing a thesis on TS Eliot; a full literary review of the finished product will likely be included in the 2016 Christmas letter. After she…you know…the G-word.

Jake Maestas spent early 2015 refusing to leave his apartment due to snow. Not much changed when it did warm up. Most of his time has been fretting about law school and that enigmatic future that is approaching faster than he cares to admit. The later part of 2015 saw him develop even less of a sense of humor, much to everyone’s chagrin. Procrastination has been even worse this school year (especially as he writes this waiting for his airplane to take him home).

Chris Pinto, our theatre extraordinaire, spent the first 8 months of the year waiting to see the new musical Hamilton until finally witnessing it in all its glory on Wednesday, August 12, 2015, from Row N, Seat 107 in the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York. After this momentous occasion, he spent the next 44 days eagerly awaiting the masterpiece of a cast recording to be downloaded onto his phone (thank you, pre-order). Nobody’s heard from him since.

As for our juniors, Saidhbhe Berry just recently went through a tough breakup (omg girl, it was two full months ago, you need to move on) and is only just starting to feel better, thanks to her rebound. Who knew running out of episodes of Supernatural on Netflix could be so devastating? (They were together for a full 10 seasons, though, so her grief isn’t totally unwarranted.) Thank God for Dr. House, otherwise Saidhbhe would never leave her apartment. Not that she does often, anyway—she has accepted her fate of always missing the Comm Ave bus, and now just avoids going anywhere at all. Ever.

moving_to_norway_0Kyle Donohue may have arrived late to every single Rock meeting, but hey, 2015 was busy! His dance skills continue to improve, and he’s added to his responsibilities this year as an editorial assistant. At least he didn’t miss an entire semester’s worth of meetings, like a certain Jack Donovan who decided to fly off to Norway and just never come home by 7pm on Tuesdays. Stay tuned to hear if he decides to actually show his face, rather than just his ever-fantastic writing chops, next year!

Joey Dorion asked for food at every single meeting, and has yet to receive any from anyone. However, his experiences with Appalachia, Arrupe, and Bystander have been so fulfilling and satisfying that he hasn’t needed to eat much besides Late Nite and On the Fly anyway! This semester Ryan Short also joined the ranks of junior boys of the Rock, and in spite of the heartbreaking Grantland shutdown, 2015 was a pretty good year. His sports segment on WZBC is still running, proof of his unconquerable spirit even in the face of Patriots heartbreak.

What about our sophomores? Well, 2015 has been an eventful year for Grace Rice, and it’s been filled with dog videos, Tuscan Vegetable sandwiches, online shopping, and Diet Coke-fueled nights in her glorious 90 8-man’s common room (the Gonzaga months are irrelevant). She thinks she might have her concentration figured out and has decided on the names of her future dogs (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Magnolia and Basset Hound named George), so that definitely counts for something, right? In all seriousness, though, Grace has had an incredible year with friends who are way better than she deserves and is looking forward to the adventures 2016 will bring.

Edward Byrne had a very successful 2015, upping the like count on his Instagrams by an average of 2.5% per post from last year. He closed out his summer with a Eurotrip, which consisted of various different-colored polos and lots of iconic selfies. He looks forward to 2016 as the year that he FINALLY, somehow, gets dinner with Ina Garten and Taylor Swift at the same time.

033115LP031v1Korey Ryan is living life as the housing lottery gods intended: the world revolves around Walsh, forever and always. He hasn’t yet been asked to babysit the legendary Walsh baby, but plans on saying no should the opportunity arise. He’s been known to uber from off campus to his building to ensure that he does not miss the wild parties sophomore year has in store for him. In addition to aggressively loving Walsh, he has taken over writing intro blurbs for Music That Rocks and aggressively telling everyone to contribute, which brings him more enjoyment than it should.

Mike McGee and Alex Ricciardelli joined the Rock’s eboard this year, but aside from rolling in cash and moving commas around, they spent a lot of time watching TV. Alex single-handedly kept Saturday Night Live airing with his committed viewership, and Mike wrote about BC football with a dedication unparalleled by any Superfan you’ve ever known, including the players themselves.

Caroline Lewis somehow managed to get through 2015 with only minor and totally fixable emotional damage. After finishing 4 separate series on Netflix and spending more time crying at El Pelon than going to class, she really hit an upswing this fall when she decided to join The Rock. Now, instead of writing papers for class, she can write articles about her life of crime and The Office. Her second year of college has consisted of her trying to fit all three beds on the floor in her forced triple in 66 and standing awkwardly outside of Walsh parties waiting for somebody to let her in. Hopefully 2016 will bring just as many joys and adventures as 2015 did – this will probably happen as long as she continues to surround herself with the awesome friends she’s made at BC so far.

Caroline’s roommates Emma Allen and Caroline Purtill have also joined the gang as our sophomore scholars! Not only are they lively, creative, and fun to have around, they also make up 60% of our noise problems during meetings. Well, Emma’s arguments with Korey and shooting and re-shooting of video promos do, anyway. Caroline P just observes every crazy thing with a smile (we suppose that’s all you can do in a room like ours). We can’t wait to see what they bring to the table in 2016!

And representing the freshmen of The Rock is Trish Rodican, who has had quite a busy year. Besides learning how to drive at the very ripe age of 18, getting her wisdom teeth out, and scoring an enviable position as a cashier at Staples for her first job, she is just getting ready to spread her wings and fly at BC. Trish has been adopted by her loving Shaw House family (or Shawmily), even though no one cares to know where or what that place is. She has also spent half the semester desperately bribing nearby neighbors with food to visit her creepy, isolated abode. When she isn’t begging people to love her, she is usually writing cool music reviews for The Rock or binge-watching Netflix in her PJs with a jar of Nutella. She is sure to find love, happiness, and more Nutella in 2016.

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 6.06.11 PMIn all seriousness, the Rock thanks all its readers for sticking with us this year–we couldn’t do it without your support. Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2016!

Keep rockin’,
The Rock at BC


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