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Being on Mom’s Time

School has finished for the semester, the last few days of merriment have concluded in the company of close friends (roommates and bud light), and everyone bids a fond farewell to all of the memories that have been made in the Fall. Perhaps some people travelled after finals, and for many others the only sense of travel they will have is from the couch to the fridge in between hour-long binges of watching Netflix. I myself have just started “The Office” and am completely enamored. As the hours slowly turn into days, something funny begins to happen though.rock article

I first noticed “Mom Time” when I was home Christmas break my freshman year. There was an overwhelming sense of excitement to return and share stories with friends from high school, to take in all of the sights and sounds of where I grew up. It was a great time, and only in the last few days of break did I feel sense of impatience creep in, a yearning to return back to school and make many more memories.

Christmas of sophomore year came about even quicker than freshman year, and there was a little less excitement to return home. Friendships had drifted apart as you slowly move out of high school and it becomes a little bit harder to maintain contact. The sights and sounds of the town you had grown up don’t hold as much splendor as they did growing up, or even as much as they did last year. And one can only watch so much TV before it gets boring. The days seem to drag forward at this point, and that return trip back to school does not seem like it came soon enough.

BCburnslawnsunsetThis present year has been something entirely new, something different than the last two and one that is altogether more difficult to summarize. Perhaps I’m just in a super reflective mood because I’ve started journaling. But this time it feels different. Although the multitude of friends is no longer there, there are a few that one has remained close with and who’s company offers up a lot of happiness. The town you grew up in may still be boring and devoid of anything interesting for a college student, but that bagel shop is pretty freakin awesome and the lady who works the counter sometimes gives you discounts on stuff. And most importantly, time with family isn’t a burden that you can’t wait to escape from. Just like the friends that are back at school, you learn to value the time that you have with them. To put up with all of the minor things that may be annoying. To cherish what you have.

200As I sit and write this, I only have about a week left of break before heading back to school to do Arrupe (shameless plug it’s awesome, sign up) and the time seems to be hurtling by. I think it goes back to the adage that when you are enjoying something, the time seems to be going far too fast. Although I can’t wait to get back to school and get underway with another semester and see all that it may hold, I am also a little sad to leave home at this time. Because where else is it possible to sit in my bed for 14 hours watching TV and not worry about responsibilities.

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