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The Rock at BC Presents: 2016 Resolutions

Our staff has recovered from holiday food comas and New Year’s festivities, and we’re back ready to take on January, Boston winters, and everything that comes after. So repeat after us: In 2016, I am going to…


new-years-eve-hero-HTry to get over my social anxiety and open my heart to new people. I’ve been trapped inside a bubble within a bubble this past semester, and it’s time for me to break out of my comfort zone and live a little.” -Trish Rodican ‘19

“Be more productive with my time.  Telling myself I’ll cut out Netflix and stop procrastinating all together is just a total lie and I’m not in the business of lying.  So to be realistic, I want to actually read for class, do assignments before the day they are due, and go to the Plex.  Also, I’m going to try to be more open.  I don’t want to get worked up over little things anymore and I want to be happier.” -Emma Allen ‘18

Avoid anyone with a hoverboard.” -Edward Byrne ‘18

“Stop asking other people for verification that I’m doing the right thing and start sticking by my own decisions. This means that I’ll have to stop calling my mom every time I do laundry to ask her if I should be putting my Lululemon leggings in the dryer.” -Caroline Lewis ‘18

colorful-2016-new-year-calendar_1035-673“Use less makeup (with the exception of weekends, for everyone’s sake). Taking makeup out of my weekday routine should save me an extra five minutes of precious sleep before I have to roll out of bed for classes. My goal is to become completely comfortable leaving my room without makeup, especially for little things that really require none.” -Caroline Purtill ‘18

“Be more organized and have my shit together more in 2016. Honestly, I think everyone in my life thinks I’m way more put together than I actually am, given the fact things have a tendency to work out, but stuff falls through the cracks a lot. So I’d like to work on being able to wake up without my lovely roommate’s help, actually using my planner, and being productive on my way to PULSE, among countless other things.” -Grace Rice ‘18

“Actually give the human race a chance. Trust issues have killed me this past year, and people in general just suck, but I might as well give ‘em a shot, right? Also, bringing that GPA up is a huge goal; C’s get degrees but B’s and A’s get you hella praise, or some BS saying like that I was told in senior year. Honestly I just don’t feel like flunking out of school, that’s the general goal.” -Korey Ryan ‘18

“Try really hard to not be as sarcastic and grumpy as my heart and soul tell me to be. So if you say something silly and I keep quiet, but look like I’m going to burst a vein, just know my resolution is going well. Oh, and I’m going to try to make more time for the Plex, because I had zero time for it last semester and it was miserable.”  -Saidhbhe Berry ‘17

abstract-champagne-glasses-colour-black-size-18048-34445_medium“Focus on waste. I will be direct and efficient in what I want and plan to do, and I am not wasting my time or people who are counting on me. Not really ‘new year, new me,’ but ‘more improved me,’ which should work.” -Kyle Donohue ‘17

“Incorporate all of the past resolutions that I’ve made to myself, but also try to be realistic with it. I will go to the Plex, but will have no qualms about eating my daily calorie intake in one sitting. Oh, I’m also going to try and become a snob and only purchase the finest craft beers possible. Because adulting.” – Joey Dorion ‘17

“Love really, really hard. The things I love are going to get as much of me as I can give. I’m also going to get on the Gasson roof come hell or high water so there’s that too.” -Melissa Warten ‘16

The Rock wishes all of our readers a happy and healthy 2016!


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