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Single to Watch: “All the Ways”

Now that the spring semester has begun, “all the ways” a new journey could begin or conclude is a completely natural thought for anyone to have. This semester marks the beginning of the end of my freshman year at Boston College, so I am feeling optimistic about the future but also apprehensive about the conflicts I might face as time goes on. In essence, I appreciate this song because it is an incredibly simple yet accurate depiction of what people feel when they are trying to grow and change but they are currently held back by fears from the past.

Picture1All the Ways” by Wet was released on January 7, 2016, but it was preceded by singles “It’s All in Vain,” “Weak,” and “Deadwater,” which have served to tease Wet’s debut LP, Don’t You. The group’s self-titled debut EP, which mainly consists of gentle breakup songs, was previously released in October of 2013. The album is available for preorder on iTunes now, or you can be like me and listen to it for free on Spotify when it is released on January 29.

Wet is comprised of an electronic indie trio from Brooklyn, New York. Kelly Zutrau provides warm, soulful vocals while Joe Valle and Marty Sulkow provide the synthpop magic. Wet has notable soul, R&B, and electronica influences, but the group is generally known for its soft synthetic beats and groovy basslines. If you are unfamiliar with Wet, like most people, I highly recommend you start off with “You’re the Best” and “Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl.”

Back to “All the Ways.” The central message of the song is perfectly encapsulated in the first half of the chorus:


“I don’t ever wanna leave you
I never wanna be alone again
But every time I see you
I think of all the ways that this could end”


In other words, Zutrau is enthralled by her new love interest, but she is not able to fully commit herself to him because she has been hurt in the past and cannot stop fixating on all the ways the relationship may end.

The other half of the chorus reiterates the contrast between Zutrau’s desire to continue the relationship and the nagging sense of dread that fills the corners of her mind.


“And I don’t wanna give up
I don’t wanna give up what we have
Every time I see your face
I think of all the ways that this could end”Picture2

This song elicits one of my favorite qualities a song could possibly have, which is polarity. There is nothing I admire more than the juxtaposition of lyrics and music. Although the lyrics are a little heavy and contemplative, the relaxed but upbeat tempo of the music tells a different story, lending to an overall feeling of uneasy positivity.

For more mellow electronica, check out Broods, Banks, Cathedrals, Marian Hill, Sylvan Esso, and Zella Day.

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