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SNL Recap 41.11 “Ronda Rousey / Selena Gomez”

This week, Ronda Rousey hosted SNL with musical guest Selena Gomez. And I’ll be honest, I had a tough time watching this one. Not because it wasn’t funny; Rousey fit in great with the cast  and gave us a great performance. To put it simply, it’s tough to laugh when someone breaks your heart. To put it difficultly, it’s tough to laugh when someone rips your heart out, stomps on it, puts it back together, fails a two point conversion, and then shatters it. if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. That’s right, Tom Brady and the Patriots lost to Peyton Manning and the Broncos. A soul crushing loss, that has left me and the rest of New England hollow and hopeless. But we can’t let one missed extra point ruin the rest of our year. That’s why I powered through and wrote this review. You know what they say, if you’re not laughing, you’re crying. So on that note, let’s have a laugh.


Palin Endorsement Cold Opening

So first off, looks like Darrell Hammond officially reclaimed his role as Donald Trump.  Tough look for Taran Killam but ultimately the right call. In terms, of the actual sketch, this should have been a layup. Sarah Palin going on a 20 minute rant endorsing Donald Trump? Bring in Tina, set up a podium and you have a sketch. Unfortunately, this sketch felt a bit too clunky, with Trump’s random asides messing up Tina’s flow. The energy was there, just poor execution.




Hey here’s a fun fact: Ronda Rousey is the 3rd female athlete to ever host SNL. Not since the legendary Nancy Kerrigan in 1994 has a woman who also plays a sport graced the 30 Rock stage. Kinda crazy when you think about it. More importantly however, Rousey came out and delivered a great monologue. She started off congratulating Holly Holms on destroying her in November, which was cool, and then proceeded to make fun of all the cliche monologues including applause mongering and breaking into song. The only hiccup they ran into was when they compared her monologue skills to Steve Martin, which was an outrageous claim. But then they made up for it with Kate McKinnon’s Justin Bieber so overall, solid job.


Screen Guild Awards

Going off last week’s Golden Globes sketch, this was a terrific piece of satire attacking the fact that there’s not a single non-white person nominated for anything in the four major acting categories. I liked how the sketch built up to from a very subtle nomination for Creed and ending with “White Man with Camera.” And if you didn’t have your volume turned up, you may have missed a vicious jab from the voiceover saying, “Coming up next, the award for Best Male Director! I mean, Director.” Brutal.


Bland Man

I’ve never seen the Bachelor. After talking to some friends, I gathered that basically one dude lives in a house with 20 girls then chooses one to marry and divorce after a couple months. A modern day fairy tale. SNL already parodied the Bachelor when Blake Shelton hosted last year, and it killed. This sketch follows the same format, this time further showcasing the emptiness of the leading man, Dan, who proudly describes himself as a man with “blue eyes, brown hair, and a grey shirt.” What makes this sketch is the revolving door of the SNL ladies, who try to out-crazy each other for Dan’s love. Kate McKinnon kills it per usual, as does Sasheer Zamata and Aidy Bryant.


Weekend Update


Weekend Update continues its redemption tour, with Che and Jost delivering another solid performance. I was a big fan of their side bit with Bobby Moynihan playing “your friend who always says it’s not that bad.” Although the audience didn’t quite warm up to it, it felt very old school and I hope they keep up with that sort of thing. Anytime that sort of risk and creativity comes out of the Update team, you know they’re feeling confident. As for the guests, Kenan Thompson’s Willie stole the show. Wide eyed and joyful, not even Kenan could keep it together as he reminisced about dressing in a dog costume and trying to be put down.  


A Few More Thoughts

Another week, another half hearted Trump sketch. Coming into this season, there was so much hype about Trump and his seemingly endless fountain of comedic fodder, yet we haven’t seen any fantastic Trump sketches. I think what it ultimately comes down to is that SNL can’t parody Trump better than he does it himself. How do you out-ridicule the ridiculous? You can’t.

Another win for Team Trump.

How has Selena Gomez not hosted SNL yet? It’s kinda crazy if you think about it. She can sing, she can act, and she’s one of the biggest superstars in the game. She’s just a less crazy Miley Cyrus. Need it to happen.

Thanks for reading. See you whenever SNL announces their next episode will be!

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