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Podcasts That Rock: BRUNCH

I know in this day and age the only podcast people tend to listen to is “Serial,” but with “Making a Murderer” taking over Netflix feeds everywhere, its about time digital media was used to bring laughs back into our days. This past summer I discovered the beauty of podcasts as I got sick of listening to the same three songs or hours of “Deflate-gate” controversy coming from the radio on my hour commute to work. I begin this series of podcast highlights with one of my personal favorites.

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 7.15.32 PMBrunch is a podcast hosted by Pete Blackburn and DJ Bean. While Blackburn and Bean are both sports reporters, for UPROXX and WEEI, respectively, the podcast itself is the furthest thing from sports related as can be. The best way to describe the podcast itself is banter. The two friends and weekly guest will discuss a range of topics that seem virtually endless. While one week will be used to talk about Kanye’s new album, the next week they will be arguing over food “hot takes” (a wild pizza debate rages when one guest claims it is overrated).

The Hits

Bye Week

With no guests, Pete and DJ take questions from twitter, from “Funny Arrest Stories” to “Which Friends Character is each Presidential Candidate?”


Hot Guys and Weatherman

A heated debate between “three straight males and one girl” is brought upon this podcast, as they try to choose which male celebrities are actually hot, and which ones are simply nice guys in suits.


The One Where DJ has Terrible Opinions About Friends

For all those people out there like me who had never seen Friends but decided to binge watch it when it came on Netflix, this episode is filled with Friends commentary as they try to figure out who the worst person in the group really is.


The duo of Blackburn and Bean is full of comedy and chemistry as it is a perfect mix of making fun of each other or using each others points to build on their own. The podcast can be found on both iTunes and Sound Cloud and generally lasts around an hour. New episodes are released every Friday. Whether you want to become a weekly fan or simply find a topic that is interesting to you, the talking points are endless. While “Friends” does seem to be their main sticking point, their history of discussion includes Justin Bieber’s comeback, Friday Night Lights, and romantic comedies. It’s a great way to keep up on Pop Culture in a fun, relaxing form of media.


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