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Only With Hope, We Create Future

It was a normal Sunday evening. All I wanted to do was peacefully finish my essay that was due next week and prepare for my midterms, but I could not stop myself from refreshing BC basketball Twitter page to see if BC would finally snap a win in the ACC. However, once again, I was heartbroken.

College_Home_Court_C1043_BostonCollegeJust like our football team did in the fall, our basketball team lost to Wake Forest, the second-worst team in the conference. 26 points. The score is like 26 knives stabbing in my heart. You may think I am exaggerating, but I am really not. Even though I’ve only been an official Eagles basketball fan for a little bit over a semester, this team is what gets me through the New England winter.

I was not disappointed when we lost to UNC by 3 points; I was not let down when Syracuse fans outnumbered us on our home court; I was not upset when every critics rated us as the bottom of the conference. However, this particular game made me question if I should still be so optimistic about our basketball program.

That is why I will not write my first article as a review of a horrific game. This article will be a player review to somehow make myself, and hopefully our readers, more hopeful for our ball team and I wish that next time, I can start the article with: Boston College with another win.

“The Pom Squad” – AJ Turner and Jerome Robinson

Unfortunately towards the end of the season, our two best freshman players both got injured. Jerome fractured his wrist when he performed a monster dunk during the game against FSU, and AJ is out with a high ankle sprain from the UNC game. The team is truly struggling without these two on the court right now, but we do not want to rush their rehab. The team never released a timetable for their return exactly, but I am sure when this duo is back, our offense will be completely improved, and hopefully surprise everyone in Washington. However, for right now, all we can expect is for them keep providing more GIFs like this one on the sideline.

AJ sideline

“The Big Guys” – Idy Diallo and Dennis Clifford

As the only two centers we have left (JC Reyes injured), Idy and Dennis share equal responsibility to get the rebounds, be big on defense and suffer through foul trouble. Without injury this season, Idy has preformed fairly well on court, but with Dennis’s exceptional performance shadowing over him, Idy needs to work extra hard to prove he is the one taking over after Dennis graduate. On the other hand, the only word I can say about Clifford’s recent game is: WOW. His excellence does not only show in his stats, but also how he leads the team. When the team hits a slump, Cliff is the guy that will rile up the whole stadium.

The “You Betta Watch Out For Them” – Sammy Barnes-Thompkins, Garland Owens and Darryl Hicks

Among these three, only Garland is a usual starter, but the other two has proved their places on the team from recent games. But starting from Garland, until today I would still go back on my tweets and watch Garland’s three-point alley-oop against UNC. All I want is him playing every game with that level of power. SBT and Darryl restated their positions not only on the bench, but also on scoreboard. SBT scored 14 against Clemson and Darryl impressed the fans with his hustle.

“The Twins” – Ervins Meznieks, Matt Milon

If it is your first time watching Matt and Ervins together, I am sure you would be confused of who’s who. And after the game, if you are a girl (or boy), you might even go post on Yik Yak something like “#22 on the basketball team (insert heart emoji)”. Despite how perfect Matt’s jawline is or how beautiful Ervins’ eyes are, the more important thing is they need to keep doing what they are doing and help our team. If Matt can keep shooting threes like he did during the Syracuse game and if Ervins keeps fighting for the ball, we can definitely count on these two during our no-Turner/Robinson phase.

The Eli Carter

It is extremely hard for me to talk about Eli. I love him to death when he leads the team with 30+ points, but when he shoots 1 for 17 or has 7 turnovers, I don’t know how can I love him. He is the best player on the team, but he is not a point guard after all. So when he dribbles down the court, I just wish he would slow down and actually set up a play. We need Eli to do well, so the team will do well. Coach Christian doesn’t need to bench Eli to prove he’s not relying on Eli. He needs to actually use the team as a whole to prove that.

The season is not over yet. Just like what one of the players joked with me after the Syracuse game, “Man, when we kill the playoff games, everyone will be surprised.” If we can’t support them at their worst, we really don’t deserve to celebrate with them at their best.


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