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The Fourth Wall Break Heard ‘Round the World

Let me warn you before this article starts: I am a huge superhero movie fan, and after seeing Deadpool this weekend it only increased my love of the genre. The movie is a funny, action packed movie that slots itself into the top five Marvel Movies of recent memory.

My Top 5 Marvel Films

1) Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier

2) Deadpool

3) Guardians of the Galaxy

4) Avengers 2: Age of Ultron

5) The Avengers

deadpoolDeadpool is a movie about ex-special forces soldier Wade Wilson, who learns he has late stage cancer. A program that offers the chance to cure him of his cancer as well as give him super-human abilities recruits him and changes him into a horrifying mutant with an advanced healing factor that makes him almost indestructible. However, the program is not what it seems and sends him on a revenge path to get back at the people that turned him into a monster.

This movie certainly isn’t for everyone. It earns its R rating by being quite crude and gory at points that might make some viewers feel uncomfortable. The best way to gauge if the movie is for you is to watch the trailer, that gives a fairly good representation of the movie.

People who aren’t as devoted to the superhero genre will probably still enjoy this film as well, as Ryan Reynolds puts on a full showing of his acting capability, carrying the story through even the slower points. While some of the jokes are specifically designed for people with background knowledge of other superheroes, everyone can appreciate the majority of the humor throughout.

The biggest reason everyone can enjoy it though is the plot that is set up as a revenge story. Deadpool isn’t a superhero doing good just for the sake of helping people, but a man on a mission to kill the man responsible for ruining his life, a plot that most people could relate to if the same thing happened to them.

deadpool2The biggest surprise though is how the movie sets up the love story between Wilson and his fiancée, Vanessa. I incorrectly believed going in that the love story would be just a clichéd quick plot point to provide some motivation later on to save her, but it is instead quite opposite. The love story is very different from most movie love stories and brings enough to the table to humanize Wilson, without sacrificing any of the action.


VERDICT: Deadpool is a must see film.


Moving on from my review, I want to further elaborate on a growing problem I see in Hollywood, in the lack of original storytelling from studios.

The movie has exploded in success, as a film that only cost $60 million dollars to make has already grossed over $200 million in the US alone in its first two weeks. It has set records for best opening weekend by a rated R movie and is now Fox’s best Marvel movie to date.*

Deadpool’s success so far can be contributed to how unique it is compared to the complete over-saturation of the superhero movie market. It takes every super hero trope and spins it on its head in a way that makes the movie refreshing enough to satisfy both superhero and non-superhero movie fans.

However, this success is going to come at a price for Hollywood, as various studios have already began looking into the possibility of R-rated reboots for their franchises, rumor is already swirling that a new Wolverine Movie will soon be put into production and it is aiming for an R-rating.

Let’s look at a previous “unique” trend in movies: The Young Adult Dystopian Movie. Hunger Games exploded into theatres, and made $408 million dollars in the US alone and studios began to get excited and started rolling out more and more movie adaptations of the other books in the same genre. Divergent was the next movie to be made and came out two years later and made $150 million dollars domestically. (All numbers come from the website

Studios continue to fall into this trap of trying to catch lightning in a bottle multiple times in a row. I loved Deadpool, but I’m not looking for Captain America to break the fourth wall in the upcoming Civil War movie, or Superman to make a crude sex joke in Batman v Superman. I’m looking for new ideas and something that makes me leave the theatre thinking, “Wow great idea for whoever thought of that.” Deadpool will certainly give you that, and I can’t wait for the next movie that gives me the same experience.


**Fox owns the Marvel characters of the X-Men, the Fantastic Four and Deadpool, while Disney owns the Marvel Characters that contribute to the Avengers.

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