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Not So Much TGIT–Shonda Rhimes in Review

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon in my junior year of high school. I couldn’t take any more of my friend’s nagging about how good this “Scandal” show is. So I decided to watch it. That decision led to the start of how I fell into a trap created by Shonda Rhimes and never managed to climb back out. After “Scandal”, I thought maybe I should watch a couple episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” to kill time. Before I knew it, I’m all caught up with all 12 seasons. Then “How to Get Away With Murder” aired. Before I realized, I had spent way too much time watching TV shows on Thursday nights. Since HTGAWM just showed their season finale, I would love to review/vent about all three series before I dive in to the new show “The Catch”.

Warning: The following review contains massive spoilers.


Grey’s Anatomy


Two sentences to sum up Grey’s: EVERYONE DIES. EVERYTHING FALLS APART. So it is pretty ironic how Grey’s slogan is “Let the sun shine.” When George died (remember that? He died like 7 years ago.), I thought it was ridiculous to just kill off a character when the actor decides to opt out the contract. Shonda didn’t stop right there. She gave Izzie cancer, cut Denny’s wire, killed Lexie and Mark with the plane crash, amputated Arizona’s leg, had Christina leave, shot the whole supporting cast of surgeons and ran Derek over with a truck. Is it even possible to hurt your audience more than that?

Now when everything seems to be fine and calm, Shonda literally decides to bring in random people to throw off the balance. Meredith is going on a date with a guy she met at work?! I do not approve. I didn’t cry my eyes out at 8 am during finals week for Derek’s death (no exaggeration here) so now I can watch Mer making out with another guy! Also the other story lines are way too messy. Karev and Jo’s marriage, Hunt and Rigg’s conflict, Maggie and Deluca’s relationship, Penny and Torres’ love life and Jackson and April’s baby are all in the knot. This list goes on longer than my Perspectives reading list. Three episodes are way too short to explain all these. Remember this is a medical show? We still want to watch cool surgeries, not just surgeons sucking each other’s face off.  Well, either way, we stayed with the hospital for 12 seasons and learned to say “Charge to 200”  and “Clear,” so no one is going to give up on the show now.




First of all, team Fitz for life. Who wouldn’t fall for a president who has an 8-pack and gorgeous hair? Scandal is like a crash course of US politics to me. It is the quickest way to learn about the dirtiest secrets inside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And, at the same time, we get to watch Kerry Washington kick people’s ass and have hot sex. In the first season, Olivia Pope would take cases, go out with her gladiators, and they would do their jobs, they would be “fixers.” Just like what Quinn said during last week’s episode; they were a family. They stood up for each other and got each other’s backs. However, since Olivia’s kidnap, everything changed. The family is broken up along with Olivia’s relationship with Fitz. It is unfair for Fitz to take all the responsibilities for not doing anything and being alone in the end. No wonder he started sleeping around with all the white house staff. On the other hand, Jake killed someone to be in power and everyone seemed to fine with that? Same problem with Grey’s, Shonda needs to stop filming only the long dialogues between characters; instead, we need the plot to actually move forward so we know who will be the next president, Trump-like Hollis Doyle, seemingly harmless Susan Ross, or full-power Mellie Grant?


How to Get Away With Murder

htgawmIf you are new to the Shonda Rhimes series, I would highly recommend this one. There are only two seasons to catch up with and it makes all the other series seem plain and simple. Shonda presents the plot line in a flashback manner, so the first thing in the first episode was a murder, and that’s not even the most exciting part of the show. The most exciting, touching and groundbreaking part of the show to me is the relationship between Oliver and Conner. Maybe I haven’t watched enough TV shows, but this is the first time that I saw a gay relationship showed on screen with no cover-up. Shonda is not afraid to show Coliver kissing and making out in front of the audience. They are not the only gay couple in the show either. All the fans hearts skipped a beat when we found out Annalise’s one true love is not Sam, but Eve. No matter how much I hate when Wes skips town and leaves everyone else in danger, just thinking about how cute the other couples are melt my heart. Like any other Shonda show, HTGAWM has some real unhealthy relationship and psychopaths, but that’s exactly what makes these shows so addictive to watch, to be honest.


With spring approaching, all three shows are coming to an end for the season. Luckily, all of them are picked up for another season, so we don’t need to worry about dead ends. Until then, let’s all buckle up and embrace the twists coming our way for the rest of the season.

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