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Music That Rocks: Marathon Monday

Ah, Marathon Monday, the most wonderful day of the year. Where college students all throughout the Boston area wake up at 6am for a day long celebration of others’ incredible capacity for long distance physical fitness. While everyone running already has their playlist picked out, you probably don’t… So why not use ours?! Here are our picks to get you pumped up this Patriots Day, have fun and stay safe everyone!


Read Receipts” – Kyle Thornton & The Company

“Let me start by addressing the fact that I know what you freshmen are thinking, and no, you’re not ready. I thought I was prepared last year. I had acquired provisions and set my alarm for 7:00 AM. My neighbors had different plans. I woke up at 6:00 AM to the sound of Big Sean’s ‘Dance (A$$).’ Now that I’ve cleared that up, I want to talk about the fact that this is lowkey the perfect darty song. I’m sure everyone else has something more hardcore in mind for the playlist, but this is fun and catchy without being overplayed or unbearable to hear before 9 AM. Also, funny story: I had my read receipts on for a long time and didn’t know it. So I would open people’s texts immediately then wait like 9 minutes to respond to play it cool. Kinda awkward.” – Grace Rice ‘18


“Victory Lap” – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

As anyone who has ever met me knows, I have an affinity for white rappers.  But one man will always hold a special place in my heart: Macklemore.  As I buy tickets for the summer so that I can see him for the 5th time, I find my love for the man only growing exponentially.  As his music slowly has worked its way into almost every playlist that I have on Spotify, it would only make sense that Macklemore would make an appearance in MTR.  Now picture the scene: early morning, sun barely breaking through the clouds on Monday, April 18th.  Your roommate has woken you up by screaming for joy that the most celebrated day of the year has finally arrived.  He is trying to make your ears bleed with some techno-edm remix at 645 in the morning.  You hit him with the magic that is Macklemore, he immediately sees the error of his ways, and you both instantly buy tickets for the show in June.  Thank me later.” – Joey Dorion ‘17


Get Busy” – Sean Paul

“If this song comes on and you don’t start belting the lyrics in a horrendous excuse for a Jamaican accent then honestly, I don’t know if I can trust you. Just an absolutely classic banger that you can barely understand but that will totally get you hyped to get going on this holiest of days. The only difference is that instead of ‘gettin it on till the early morn’ you’ll just be gettin goin in the early morn! And remember kids, it’s a marathon not a sprint, so keep it together until at least 11am otherwise you’re an utter failure.” – Korey Ryan ‘18


Young Stars” – The Struts

“Okay so it might be blasphemy to highlight a British band on Patriot’s Day seeing as it’s a day to commemorate the first battle for our independence from the British but…have you guys heard The Struts yet?? They sound like a modern combination of Queen and The Rolling Stones and could single-handedly revive British rock in America. This is a perfect song to wake up to early on Monday morning and get you PUMPED UP for the best event ever. It’s fun to sing along to in an over-the-top British accent, there are plentiful opportunities to air guitar, and it kind of makes you feel on top of the world for three and a half minutes (or longer, depending on how many times you press ‘replay’.)” – Lucy Palmer ‘19


I’m an Albatroz” – AronChupa

“There’s something glorious about a song that is both in a foreign language and doesn’t quite make sense. What is an albatraoz? How can I become one? I have no idea. It could possibly be a typo for “albatross”, a stroke in golf or the seafaring gull with an average life expectancy of 42 (!!!!!) years. The beauty of millennial music is that it quite honestly doesn’t matter. Set this banger as your alarm and I guarantee you’ll wake up fist bumping.” – Paul Shuler ‘19


Feed the Streets” – Hamburger Helper

“This song combines two of my favorite things, Hamburger Helper and Trap music, into a beautiful two minute long masterpiece. Earlier this month those creative geniuses from General Mills’s marketing department came up with the legendary idea to temporarily fulfill the empty space in my soul awaiting Drake’s Views From the 6 with Watch the Stove. All the songs on the mixtape are low key fire emoji but ‘Feed the Streets’ sets itself apart. So if you’re looking for a song to eat mysterious boxed meat pasta to while simultaneously getting turnt to look no further. I mean when you hear lyrics like ‘water whipping and I’m stirring it/ y’all want beef then Imma serve it’ how can you resist doing hamburger themed hoodrat things with your friends” -Curtis Bullock ‘19


“I’m Shipping Up To Boston” – Dropkick Murphys

“If this song doesn’t make you want to start drinking at the un-Godly hour of 6 AM, I don’t know what will. I will never forget the excitement I felt last year when I was frantically shoving a bagel into my mouth while washing it down with champagne, and my prime pregame spot on 66 this year makes me even more excited to watch others run a marathon while I drink tastefully yet strongly mixed mimosas. I just looked up the lyrics and found out that the whole song is about this poor sailor who is just trying to find his missing wooden leg that he somehow lost. If you need to find a reason to drink this Monday, drink to this guy. Hope you find your leg, buddy.” – Caroline Lewis ‘18


See You Again”- Miley Cyrus

“It’s 8:00 am, you have been drinking for two hours now, you realize the futility of getting drunk at 8am on a Monday. Things are looking bleak, maybe you should just go back to bed until the Marathon. But, wait! Some kid comes flying in, grabs the aux, and bumps some vintage Miley. The day is saved, thanks to this young American Hero. If this song does not encourage you to get back up and start downing some brewskis with your buddies (all the while you are belting out the lyrics that you act like you don’t know by heart) ((but seriously, you know them, I know them, everyone gets a pass for knowing them)) then nothing will. Nothing like some vintage Miley to keep your ungodly early pregame very, as the kids say, “Lit.” That is all, you are welcome.

P.S. I am the American Hero that would do this.”  – Matt McCarthy ‘19


Circle” – machineheart

“If stumbled upon this gem of a song a couple weeks ago with the help of my friend Spotify Discover. With its electric slides and high pitched vocal tracks, Circles almost seems like the next logical step music-wise after Roses dominated the college scene all year long. The best way I can convey this song’s effect, I can just tell you that listening to it now, it’s honestly getting me psyched up to type this little blurb. It’s almost like my fingers are dancing on the keyboard. Now just imagine turning your speaker to 11 and blasting it…. yea. If you have ears, this song will get you hyped. Enjoy.” – Alex Ricciardelli ‘18


Freak Caroline (Almond & Samme remix)” – Sterling Fox

“On my Appalachia trip this spring break, my van played a game called ‘Pass the Aux,’ where we let everyone in the car plug the aux cord into their phone and pick a song to blast out the windows. This was a friend’s selection, and after she played it the first time, I had her play it every time she was in the car with me. It’s a perfect morning song–chill enough to wake you up without making you want to curl up in the fetal position for the next twelve hours, but fun and dance-y enough to get you moving through this best of all days.” -Melissa Warten ‘16


Don’t Let Me Down (3LAU Remix)” – The Chainsmokers

“Everyone loves the absolute tear The Chainsmokers have been on, and that’s a fact.  There February hit “Don’t Let Me Down” has been one of my favorite songs for months, but it was a bit too heavy in post-drop to really groove to sometimes.  Remix extraordinaire 3LAU has taken the EDM song and eased it up a bit in what is one of the year’s best remixes” – Mike McGee ‘18


“Work” – Rihanna, Drake

“Basic, I know. You are tired of this song, I know. But are you really not going to have this song in your playlist on Monday? No. A combination of Champagne Papi and badgalriri is definitely a must for any pump up events. Although no one could tell what Rihanna is actually singing, but who cares when it’s Marathon Monday? Just enjoy the tunes and dance along.” – Siqi Wang ‘19


212” – Azealia Banks feat. Lazy Jay

“Pipe. It. Up. Come find me if this song doesn’t get you hype so I can program a pair of hearing aids for you. ‘212’ is the perfect song to blast on Monday morning to show everyone that you give absolutely no [redacted], mostly because it’s one of the most vulgar songs to be featured on MTR. It’s lit.” – Edward Byrne ‘18

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